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The Canadian Teacher's Federation
The Harriet Lane Links (formerly Pediatric Points of Interest) - An edited collection of pediatric resources (5395 links) on the World Wide Web. Maintained and edited by physicians at the Johns Hopkins University, this site attempts to catalog, review and score (see scoring guidelines) existing links to pediatric information on the Internet. 
The Doucette Index - Provides access to books and websites that contain useful teaching suggestions related to books for children and young adults, and the creators of those books.
The Media Awareness Network - Offers practical support for media education in the home, school and community and provides Canadians and others with information and "food for thought" on our fast-evolving media culture. A place where educators, parents, students and community workers can share resources and explore ways to make media a more positive force in children's lives.
Children's Software Revue - This site contains a continually updated database of  reviews of software, videogames and smart toys. You can get instant access to the reviews for a nominal one-time fee.
National Child Care Information Center - A national resource that links information and people to complement, enhance, and promote the child care delivery system, working to ensure that all children and families have access to high-quality comprehensive services.
Child Search Canada - Canada's Internet Based Missing Children Agency dedicated to the search, location, prevention and reunification of missing children
The Kim Komando Page - This information is available in many ways, you can subscribe to her newsletter, listen to her radioshow, check her column, or catch her on television.
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