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The Media Awareness Network - Offers practical support for media education in the home, school and community and it's also a place where educators, parents, students and community workers can share resources and explore ways to make media a more positive force in children's lives.
U.S. Department of Education - Parents Guide to the Internet.
Smart - Information on blocking and filtering software, valuable protection tips and links to parent and child-friendly sites, as well as links to agencies and organizations that focus on Internet-related issues.
Cyber Sitter - Allows parents to override blocked sites, add their own sites to block, specify allowable times to access the Internet, and maintains a detailed log of all Internet activity and violations. It will even send a daily report to parents by e-mail.
Net Nanny - Maintains round-the-clock watch as your kids surf the Web.
The Police Notebook - Safety On The Internet, Personal Safety and more...
Kid Safety Topics - Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.
GetNetWise - Concerned about the risks kids face online? GetNetWise can help.
Safe Surfin' - This Web site's main goal is to help children, teenagers and adults understand how to safely surf the Web so that using the Internet and being online is a safe and fun experience. 
SafeKids.Com - Where you'll find tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) - An independent non-profit organisation established to address the problem of illegal material on the Net.
Web Wise Kids - Advice To Parents
Web Wise Kids - Seven Smart Rules For Internet Safety
Kids Freeware - Links to lots of programs which are truly FREE.
America Links Up: A Kids Online Teach-In - A public awareness and education campaign sponsored by a broad-based coalition of non-profits, education groups, and corporations concerned with providing children with a safe and rewarding experience online.
Kid Safety Stuff Quiz - Kids All Ages - Charlie Brown may be a blockhead, but he knows how to surf safely. Follow his safety tips whenever you're online. 
Cyber Angels - Internet Safety Organization
Net - This site contains all the information a parent needs to know in terms of internet safety, safe children's sites, software filtering and more. 
Surf Control - Filtering software to keep your children safe on line.
Children's Software Revue - This site contains a continually updated database of  reviews of software, videogames and smart toys. You can get instant access to the reviews for a nominal one-time fee.
GZKidZone - The software site for kids.
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