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Teenagers Today - Good destination for parents on the Web.
Help For Parents - Non-Profit  information, education, referral & consumer protection for parents with teenagers who have emotional, psychological, behavioral or substance abuse problems. 
Parent Teen Connection - Take a deep, cleansing breath ... you can be the parent of a teen and like it!
FastWeb Scholarship Search - Search over 600,000 scholarships.
Babies Of Our Youth - The site dedicated to youth pregnancy and parenting.
The Home of Nicotine Free Kids
A Parent's Guide on Teenagers & Drinking
Eat Right Kids - Dedicated to helping you with your child's nutrition needs.
Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers - Online brochure with info and links.
Teen-Esteem Foundation - Intent to create opportunities for teenagers to experience their worth and their spirit.
North Waters Youth Programs - Teach and model confidence, self-awareness, compassion, cooperation, commitment and common sense.
The Road Less Traveled - Offer life experiences for young people, ages 13-19, and families that spark both physical and personal growth through wilderness activities, cultural awareness and environmental education.
Safe -Teens and Abuse.
Partnership for a Drug-Free America Parenting of Adolescents - A site for parents of teenagers.
Young People and HIV/AIDS - Children's Health
Birth Control and Contraception for Teenagers
Parent Resource Hotline - Info about boot camp programs for struggling teenagers. - Schools for the Weary Parent - Teen Schools - Site dedicated to publishing teen writing and book reviews by teenagers.
Screen-It - Entertainment Reviews For Parents
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