Michael Bolton
...He's a musical true believer, without doubts even when he sings about doubt...
Michael Bolton Music
Born Michael Bolotin, Feb.26,1953, in New Haven, Conn. 
A screamer on the New England hard rock circuit for years, Bolton split for Los Angeles to concentrate on songwriting and was churning out emotional hits for others before someone noticed he had a pretty stirring voice himself on those demo tapes. With long hair flowing and a strong chin, he became a middle of-the-road matinee idol, a Fabio for former Barry Manilow fans. His over the-top style (and penchant for re-making classic soul songs) earned him sneers from critics and swoons from his fans. He got kudos from Ray Charles and Otis Redding's widow for his soul re-makes, but the Isley Brothers successfully sued over the similarities between Bolton's 1991 hit "Love is a Wonderful Thing" and one of their 1966 songs. Bolton still resides and records in Connecticut, where he spends a lot of time on charitable activity. Source: Music Hound Rock: The Essential Album Guide
The Best of Michael Bolton for Guitar
Michael Bolton All That Matters: Piano, Vocal, Guitar by M. Bolton
Michael Bolton: Greatest Hits 1985-1995
Michael Bolton - My Secret Passion - Live from Catania (1998) VHS
Michael Bolton: Decade 1985-1995 (1995) VHS
Michael Bolton: Soul and Passion (1992) VHS
Merry Christmas From Vienna (1997) DVD
Michael Bolton: The Passion, Secrets, Soul & Truths
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by L. A. Seeloff (Editor), E. Seib, M. Eaton, J.Logan, L. Seib (Contr.) 
The thousands of Michael Bolton fans will adore this special collector's edition of the only authorized book on  the  star, written  with  the assistance of the president of the official Michael Bolton Fan Club.
Includes 100 rare photographs--two 16-page color inserts and black and white half-tones scattered throughout Two-color text. Hardcover - 224 pages (November 1997)
The Secret of the Lost Kingdom by Michael Bolton, David Jermann (Illustrator)
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A book worth reading for all ages!
Disguised as a commoner, Prince Marlon, the heir to the throne of Mentoria, travels the countryside in search of what is true & meaningful in life. When he discovers happiness in the person of Nicole, the beautiful and wise daughter of a generous farmer, Marlon must decide whether to continue his simple life--or resume his responsibilities as prince.
Reading level: Ages 9-12
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