Gloria Estefan by Michael Benson, Marita Deleon (Reader)
Discover the woman behind the microphone in this fascinating look at Gloria - mother, humanitarian, wife, and pop music "diva."
Gloria Estefan: Singer and Entertainer  (Hispanic Biographies) by Doreen Gonzales
Gloria Estefan: Pop Sensation 
(Book Report Biographies) 
by Leslie Gourse
Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan Music
Gloria Estefan Gallery
Gloria Estefan: A Real-Life Reader Biography
by Sue Boulais
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When Gloria Fajardo was a senior in high school, she and some friends put together a band to play for a party. Emilio Estefan came to one of their rehearsals to give the girls a few tips. As leader of the Miami Latin Boys, Emilio was well respected on the music scene. A few months later, he asked Gloria to join his band. She couldn't refuse. Though still in college, Gloria found time to finish her degree, sing with the band, and in 1978, she married Emilio. Changing the band's name to the Miami Sound Machine, Emilio and Gloria set about to entertain the world with music. In 1990, their dream almost came to an end when their tour bus was hit on a snowy road near the New York state line.Gloria broke her back. She thought she would never perform again.
Gloria Estefan (Junior World Biographies) by David Shirley, Bruce W. Conord
Gloria Estefan: The Pop Superstar from Tragedy to Triumph by Anthony M. Destefano
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From her humble beginnings as a Cuban refugee baby living in Miami to her ascent as a two-time Grammy Award-winning and her courage in overcoming a near-fatal tour-bus accident, Gloria Estefan has become one of the most adored and inspiring performers in all of music history! This first biography on the superstar and role model to many, chronicles the stellar rise of a musical sensation who achieved -- and then far surpassed -- the American Dream. Photo insert.
Learning About Determination from the Life of Gloria Estefan 
(Character Building Book) 
by Jeanne M. Strazzabosco
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A biography of the cuban-born   rock singer with a focus on her determination to succed and be happy in spite of serious obstacles.
Gloria Estefan: Destiny
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Superstar Gloria Estefan. Not only did Gloria recover from her accident, but she returned with a passion that touched a wider audience than ever before.Her music is the most powerfultestimonytoher remarkable spirit.