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Cute Puppies Calendar
Cute Puppies 2012 Calendar provide beautiful pictures with adorable puppies to make you smile every day of the year! This 13 months wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and reminders; U.S. and Canadian holidays in French and English.


The more one sees of men the more one likes dogs.
Two friends were walking their dogs in the park when one suggested stopping at a bar for a drink. 
"But we can't go in there," said the second guy. "They won't let us bring our dogs in." 
"Don't worry about it," replied the first guy. "Just follow my lead."And into the bar he walked with his Doberman. 
"Hey," the bartender yelled. "you can't bring that dog in here!" 
"But I'm blind," said the first guy. "This is my Seeing Eye dog." 
Satisfied, the bartender seated him, and just then the other guy came in with his little Pekingese in tow. Again the bartender announced that dogs weren't allowed. 
"But I'm blind," said the second man"This is my Seeing Eye dog."
The bartender took a long look at the dog. "That Pekingese is your Seeing Eye dog?" he asked incredulously. 
"What?" said the second man. "They gave me a Pekingese?"

Two friends were arguing about dogs. One would have it that a collie is the most sagacious of dogs, while the other stood up for the setter.

"I once owned a setter," declared the latter, "which was very intelligent. I had him on the street one day, and he acted so queerly about a certain man we met that I asked the man his name, and—"

"Oh, that's an old story!" the collie's advocate broke in sneeringly. "The man's name was Partridge, of course, and because of that the dog came to a set. Ho, ho! Come again!"

"You're mistaken," rejoined the other suavely. "The dog didn't come quite to a set, though almost. As a matter of fact, the man's name was Quayle, and the dog hesitated on account of the spelling!"

"My dog understands every word I say."
"Do you doubt it?"
"No, I do not doubt the brute's intelligence. The scant attention he bestows upon your conversation would indicate that he understands it perfectly."

A man goes into a pet store and asks the clerk, "Do you have any dogs that go cheap?" The Clerk says, "No, we have birds that go cheep, our dogs go Woof!"




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Two street peddlers in Bradford, bought a dog for $20.00. Dog was insured by a local insurance company on $300. One day the dog was injured by a car and the insurance company paid them  for the injury. Thereupon a new industry sprang up on the roads of Bradford.

At an European literary dinner the conversation turned to the various methods of working employed by literary geniuses. Among the examples cited was that of a well-known Italian poet, who, it is said, was known to arouse his wife about four o'clock in the morning and exclaim, "Maria, get up; I've thought of a good word!" Whereupon the poet's obedient helpmate would crawl out of bed and make a note of the thought-of word. About an hour later, like as not, a new inspiration would seize the bard, whereupon he would again arouse his wife, saying, "Maria, Maria, get up! I've thought of a better word!"

The company in general listened to the story with admiration, but an American girl remarked: "Well, if he'd been my husband I should have replied, 'Dear, get up yourself; I've thought of a bad word!'"

"Yes, ma'am," the old sailor confided to the inquisitive old lady, "I fell over the side of the ship, and a shark he come along and grabbed me by the leg."
"Merciful providence!" his hearer gasped. "And what did you do?"
"Let 'im 'ave the leg, o' course, ma'am. I never argues with sharks."