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The Yosemite by John Muir

Affectionately dedicated to my friend, Robert Underwood Johnson, faithful lover and defender of our glorious forests and originator of the Yosemite National Park.


On the early history of Yosemite the writer is indebted to Prof. J. D. Whitney for quotations from his volume entitled "Yosemite Guide-Book," and to Dr. Bunnell for extracts from his interesting volume entitled "Discovery of the Yosemite."

Chapter 1 - The Approach to the Valley
The Sierra From The West
Characteristics Of The Cañons
The Incomparable Yosemite
The Approach To The Valley
The First View: The Bridal Veil
General Features Of The Valley
The Upper Cañons
Natural Features Near The Valley
Down The Yosemite Creek
The Yosemite Fall
A Wonderful Ascent
The Grandeur Of The Yosemite Fall
The Nevada Fall
The Vernal Fall
The Illilouette Fall
The Minor Falls
The Beauty Of The Rainbows
An Unexpected Adventure
Climate And Weather
Winter Beauty Of The Valley
Exploring An Ice Cone

Chapter 2 - Winter Storms and Spring Floods
An Extraordinary Storm And Flood

Chapter 3 - Snow-Storms
A Ride On An Avalanche
The Streams In Other Seasons

Chapter 4 - Snow Banners
A Wonderful Winter Scene
Earthquake Storms

Chapter 5 - The Trees of the Valley

Chapter 6 - The Forest Trees in General
The Sugar Pine, King Of Pine Trees
The Yellow Or Silver Pine
The Douglas Spruce
The Incense Cedar
The Silver Firs
The Two-Leaved Pine
The Mountain Pine
The Western Juniper
The Mountain Hemlock
The White-Bark Pine
The Nut Pine

Chapter 7 - The Big Trees
The Big Trees Part 2
The Big Trees Part 3
The Big Trees Part 4

Chapter 8 - The Flowers

Chapter 9 - The Birds

Chapter 10 - The South Dome

Chapter 11 - The Ancient Yosemite Glaciers: How the Valley Was Formed
The Ancient Yosemite Glaciers: How the Valley Was Formed -Part 2
The Ancient Yosemite Glaciers: How the Valley Was Formed -Part 3

Chapter 12 - How Best to Spend One's Yosemite Time - One-Day Excursions No. 1.
One-Day Excursions No. 2.
Two-Day Excursions No. 1.
Two-Day Excursions No. 2.
A Three-Day Excursion
The Upper Tuolumne Excursion
Other Trips From The Valley

Chapter 13 - Early History Of The Valley

Chapter 14 - Lamon

Chapter 15 - Galen Clark

Chapter 16 - Hetch Hetchy Valley

Appendix A - Legislation About the Yosemite

Appendix B - Table of Distances

Yosemite National Park
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