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English Sketches From Life 3

His Letter of Recommendation

Bridget left Ireland with an excellent letter of recommendation from her last mistress, but on the way over the letter fell into the sea and was lost. Not knowing how to find work without her recommendation she appealed to a friend to write one for her and he gave her the following:

"To the General Public: Bridget Flaherty had a good reputation when she left Ireland, but lost it on her way over."

* * *

In the account of an inaugural ceremony it was asserted that "the procession was very fine, and nearly two miles long, as was also the report of Dr. Perry, the chaplain."

Subject to Attachment

A Chicago business man wrote his Wall Street lawyer asking information touching the standing of a person who owed him a considerable sum of money for a long time.

"What property has he that I could attach?" was one of his questions.

The lawyer's reply was to the point.

"The man to whom you refer," was the answer, "died a year ago. He has left nothing subject to attachment except a widow."

- From Hampton's.

Something Tasty

A mission worker was much interested in a lad in one tenement who was convalescing from a prolonged illness. On one visit to her small charge the worker carried with her a quantity of fine fruit for the lad, but this, to the astonishment of the big-hearted visitor, the fathei of the boy received with a somewhat dubious
air, exhibiting absolutely no appreciation of the offering.

When next theigood Samaritan came to the tenement she naturally inquired of the father how the boy had enjoyed the fruit.

"Pretty well" was the curt answer.

"I presume he ate most of it."

"Yes, he got away with it all right," said the parent carelessly, "but miss, that boy is like me. He don't care for no dago fruit. He likes something dainty and tasty- for instance, pigs' feet."

- New York Press.
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