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Selection of great Pokemon music tracks for the real Pokemon fun. Great fun for all ages and joyous listening pleasure that will brighten your day.
Featured Pokemon Music:
Revelation Lugia [IMPORT] Pokemon Related Rec.
This is the music from the second Pokemon movie, Revelation Lugia. It has five vocal tracks and five instrumental tracks from the movie. One of the vocal tracks is 'Rival!', which is also on the 'Rivals' CD single. All the tracks are in Japanese, except for a few lines from the rap section of the final track.
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Pokemon: The First Movie [ECD] Pokemon
Engineered to capture not only preteen fans of the Japanese anime craze, but Top 40 listeners who might fall for singles such as girl group M2M's peppy "Don't Say You Love Me," it's loaded with familiar zillion selling names such as Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera, and 98 Degrees. A mixture of light dance-pop, innocuous romantic ballads, and more.
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2BA Master: Music From The Hit TV Series [ENHANCED CD] Pokemon (Related Recordings)
Great music for a Pokémon fan! An excellent buy for those who are either just starting Pokémon or a Pokémon master. Contain 13 tracks all brand-new. 
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Birth of Mewtwo [IMPORT] Pokemon Related Rec.
If you are a fan of Mewtwo this is a must have! It is the biography of Mewtwo as kitten, before he struck rage against his life being an experiment. The CD is filled with beautiful background music, voices, vistas, and talks about three other characters.
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Pokemon 3 The Ultimate Soundtrack (2001 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] Pokemon (Related Recordings)
A great soundtrack. Most of the songs did come out already on the Totally Pokemon Soundtrack. It has some new songs and an enhanced version of a title song ("Pokemon Johto"). More Pokemon Music
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Great Music 
Pokemon: Christmas Bash-Various Artists
Great holiday fun for all ages! This CD has 12 favorite holiday tunes with some uniquely Pokemon lyrics.  Track after track of joyous listening pleasure that will no doubt brightens one's day.
I'll Be A Pokemon Master (Mezase Pokemon Master) 
This is a really great CD. It has the first Japanese theme song it's the long version there is also a karoke version at the end of the CD. What's really cool is that there is a Poke rap type song that has all Pokemon but in Japanese. 
Pokemon 2000 Power of One [SOUNDTRACK] Pokemon (Related Rec.)
Great soundtrack with very moving songs and prescribed recipe for success. Former disco diva Donna Summer emerges with the dramatic tune "The Power of One," Alysha with her surprisingly mature interpretation of "Dreams." As always "Weird Al" Yankovic delivers a funny song "Polkamon". 
Genki!! Ippa!!: Pokémon Music Collection [IMPORT] Pokemon (Related Recordings) 
This great collection features several never before released TV bgm pieces.
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