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Great selection of very nice and cool toys for kids and perfect gift for Pokemon fanatics of all ages who love and collect them.
Featured Pokemon Figures:
6" Pokemon Tainer's Choice Ultra Electronic Battle Action Figure: Pikachu

This nice and cute toy is great Pokemon gift for kids who like Pikachu. All kinds of cool features! Flapping wings! Lifting claws! Electronic lights and battle roar! 

10" Neopets Deluxe Interactive Talking 
Scorchio Plush Doll
This large Neopets plush doll reacts to your voice (raise your voice and he will raise his!) with talking, vibrating, and flashing lights, can speak over 50 built in phrases (plus 30 bonus sayings when interacting with other Neopets and Petpet Plushies, recognizes and interacts with other Neopets plush characters in this series, and much, much more!
Pokemon Electronic Plush: Pikachu
Attention! The rare and powerful Pokemon called Pikachu desperately wants a playmate. Squeeze its paws and watch its ears wiggle, its mouth move, and its red cheeks light up. And listen to a cute voice saying (over and over, with variations in emphasis and intonation), "Pika-Pika-Pikachu!" The more you play, the more excited this furry yellow fellow gets. 8 inches from ear tips to toes. Requires three AA batteries (included).
Pokemon EX Pokeball Japanese Digital Watch 
A great gift for Pokeman fanatics of all ages!

**There are several different color variations and characters in this set, including Pikachu, Lucaro, Mew, and more. You are purchasing one random color/character watch from this set. Requests for specific characters or colors cannot be taken.**

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Great Movies
Pokemon-Hang Ten Pikachu (Vol. 22)
Ash, Misy and Brock go to the seaside to find out the Pokemon secret: what it is that makes a Slowpoke evolve into a Slowbro! Then, Ash's "training" takes him to the beaches where he and Pikachu meet a surfer dude, and a surfer Pikachu!? Then, Ash and his friends help a struggling greenhouse beat bankruptcy and beat Team Rocket at the same time! 

Pokemon 4: Movie (2002) DVD

Meet the new Pokémon, Celebi, who has the power to travel through time. Vicious, the future descendant of James and Jessie of Team Rocket, travels back in time to wreak havoc, and it's up to young Ash, Pikachu and friends to stop him. Along the way, Ash continues to mature into the unstoppable Pokémon trainer he will become in the future. 
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Great Guides*
Official Nintendo Pokémon Emerald Player's Guide
by Nintendo Power 
What's a Pokémon trainer to do when Team Magma vies with Team Aqua to take over Hoenn? Pick up the Official Nintendo Player's Guide for Pokémon Emerald. It's a complete Trainer's Manual and Field Guide in one. Full-Color Maps: Navigate the cities and routes of Hoenn! Battle Strategies: Defeat every Gym Leader and become the champion of the new Battle Frontier! Complete strategy for the Game Boy Advance games ~ Pokémon Emerald Version
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