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Travel Australia

The world's smallest continent, beautiful Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, comprising the mainland, the major island of Tasmania and a number of other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Nature was inspired when it created Australia. There are animals you’ll see nowhere else and plants that will amaze you. Australia is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, home to more than one million species of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

To learn more about Australia, click on the links provided and explore our online info.

About Australia - Today, Australia is a developed country, with a prosperous multicultural society and excellent results in many international comparisons of national performance such as human development, quality of life, health care, life expectancy, public education, economic freedom and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Australian cities routinely rank among the world's highest in terms of cultural offerings and quality of life.

Australia - History - Australia Day commemorates the arrival of European settlement in Australia on 26 January 1788.

Spectacular Great Ocean Road - From the air, it looks like a giant serpent, spiralling through deep green forests and snaking its way along huge seaside cliffs. The spirit of the traditional owners of this land, the Gunditjmara people, defines the essence of this landscape. To travel its length is an inspiring and invigorating experience: at the end of the journey you’ll be in no doubt why the Great Ocean Road is classified as one of Australia's National Landscapes.

Great Ocean Road: The Twelve Apostles - An unforgettable highlight of the Australian Great Ocean Road is the rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles.

The Great Australian Roadtrip - However you slice and dice the great Aussie road trip, taking a few weeks to explore one stretch of coast, or embarking on the epic round-Australia odyssey, you’ll find adventure around every corner. It’s just a matter of time.

Up Close & Personal With Australian Wildlife - Australia is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, home to more than one million species of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Australian Parks & Wildlife - Unsurpassed views, great wilderness valleys and the excitement of the pioneering spirit will keep you enthralled as you travel Australian gorgeous landscapes and unique natural wonders of this beautiful country.

Mount Buffalo National Park - This is the place to be these summer holidays, with activities aplenty to satisfy the tastes of all the family - young, old and in between. Escape the summer heat and head up to Mount Buffalo for an adventure you won't forget. Paint an alpine postcard, discover macro-invertebrates in Lake Catani, learn about Buffalo's cultural and natural biodiversity, hear a bush story and find out all about how you could become a friend of Ranger Roo.

Following the Wine Trail  - Australia has a huge diversity of wine regions producing some of the best wines in the world. Australia's most famous wine is Penfolds Grange...

Australian Wineries - Some Australian wineries are huge, and produce wine in large quantities, to be shipped all over the world. But there are more than 5,000 boutique wineries scattered around the nation, most of which offer cellar door tastings. Many also house cafes and restaurants serving gourmet food, often with an emphasis on local produce.


Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and a land of wide-open spaces. It is about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA and 50 per cent larger than Europe, but has the lowest population density in the world – only two people per square kilometre.

Most of the estimated 22 million Australians are descended from 19th and 20th century European settlers, the majority from the British Isles. The Indigenous population — mainland Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders — was 410,003 (2.2% of the total population) in 2001. Indigenous Australians have higher rates of imprisonment and unemployment, lower levels of education and life expectancies for males and females that are 17 years lower than those of other Australians.

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