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Croatian Archipelago
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Zagreb - Capital city of Croatia
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This user friendly internet guide contains information about beautiful Croatia.

Gorgeous Croatian Adriatic Coast

The Jewel of the Mediterranean

Long beaches, the rocks reflected in the sea, a pleasant rest away from the pressure of a business, the bustle of the big city and a total escape from the drudgery of everyday life. The rugged coast of the Croatian Adriatic is perfect for nautical tourism. Croatia has been described as the vacation and a sailing boat paradise. 

It isn't really Croatian fiction that the Eastern Adriatic coast is the most beautiful coast in the Mediterranean! If you wish to see and feel the Mediterranean at its best, all you have to do is visit it and it will become clear to you why the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea is often called the jewel of the Mediterranean. Nowhere else throughout the Mediterranean will you find so many islands, bays, coves, picturesque beaches and cliffs gilded with sunshine. An active holiday does not have to exclude idle sun-bathing and swimming in the quietness of some deserted beach (or on a hotel terrace) and there will always be a place nearby where you can play tennis or hire a bike. Adriatic coast is also a great natural and historical stage for many unique festivals, exhibitions, concerts and events such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Split Summer, Rab Fjera, Pula and Motovun Film Festivals and much more.

Istria - Croatia
Punat - Croatia
Adriatic Coast - Croatia

The towns along the coast are genuine jewels of Mediterranean architecture. Each stone can tell its own story as their memory reaches far back into history. There are more than a hundred of small towns, villages and islands on the Dalmatian coast where one gets the impression that the time stopped long ago, somewhere in the Middle Ages or in the Renaisance.

Beautiful Adriatic coast, during summer months, hosts many traditional arrivals of royal families, famous people from film industry, popular musicians, great artists, and many powerful business people.

In the shade of pine trees you will witness day-to-day life, abundant with scents and sounds; cheese and wine, grilled fish, prosutto and the evening song...

The Mediterranean cuisine you will find here is separate gastronomical world and will satisfy every palate. The staple of the area is fish (there are over 350 species of fish in the Adriatic) and other sea foods, mostly boiled or grilled on an open fire and seasoned with olive oil and variety of herbs. This traditional centuries old light cuisine in many ways conforms to the modern health standards.

Numerous vineyards and the talent of the local people to enjoy life and to make life enjoyable for their guests have produced the fine wines of Croatia. In the coastal area, the most famous are the reds: Teran, Cabernet and Merlot in Istria; Opolo, Plavac, Postup and Dingac in Dalmatia.

Bol - Croatia Croatian Adriatic Coast


Discover Beautiful Croatia - Visit Croatia and you will never forget the unforgettable natural beauty of the place where the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plain come together.

Croatian National Parks - Of the eight national parks, four are in the mountain regions (Risnjak, Paklenica, Velebit and the Plitvice Lakes) and four are in the coastal area (Kornati, Mljet, Brijuni and Krka).

Croatian Nature Parks & Strict Reserves - Croatia can pride itself on its unpolluted environment and abundant plant and animal life outside the areas under protection.

Croatian City Guide - The other dimension of Croatia is the urban culture: towns are more numerous here than in any other part of Southeastern Europe.

Croatian Accommodations Info - Croatia offers great accommodations for business and pleasure. After all, tourism in the modern sense began in Croatia in the 19th century.

Croatian Government - Croatia is a multiparty parliamentary republic. Capital city is Zagreb, the economic, traffic, cultural and academic centre.

Visit Zagreb - Croatian gorgeous capital city has been a focal point of culture and science, and now this charming city is the hub of the business, academic, cultural, artistic and sporting worlds in Croatia.

Croatian Islands - Croatia has an impressive number of over 1000 islands, reefs and cliffs. A vast majority of the Adriatic sea islands are located near the northeastern, Croatian coast.

Croatian Gastronomy & Related Info - Traditional Croatian cuisine is represented by a full table of high quality specialties. Variety of quality food is huge and every town, not to mention that every region has it's own local specialties.

Useful Info About Croatia - Important info for travelers to Croatia.

Croatia Phone Numbers - Important phone numbers in Croatia.

Croatia - Photo Gallery - Click here to see images and virtual tours of Croatia.

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