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Croatian Islands

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This user friendly internet guide contains information about beautiful Croatia.

Croatia - Government Info

Today Croatia is a multiparty parliamentary republic and one of the newest states in Europe. Croatia adopted its constitution on 22nd Dec. 1990  and was recognized internationally on 15th January 1992. The international recognition  of its sovereignty and its acceptance into the membership of the UN in 1992 marked the end of a crucial period in the establishment of Croatia as a new state in the European & world community. The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb, the economic, traffic, cultural, and academic centre of the country. Croatian unit of currency is the kuna (KN). 1 kuna = 100 lipa. Foreign currency is exchanged in banks, exchange offices, travel agencies, hotels, camps, marinas; cheques are cashed in banks.

Government of the Republic of Croatia (Vlada Republike Hrvatske) - We will be very happy it these web pages encourage you to visit and learn more about Croatia. English version...

Office of the President (Ured Predsjednika)

Parliament of the Republic of Croatia (Sabor Republike Hrvatske)

Republic of Croatia Official Homepage (Sluzbene Stranice Republike Hrvatske)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministarstvo Vanjskih Poslova)

Ministry of Finance (Ministarstvo Financija)

Ministry of Economy (Ministarstvo Gospodarstva)

Ministry for Crafts, Small &  Medium Enterprises (Ministarstvo Gospodarstva, Rada i Poduzenistva)

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (Ministarstvo Zdravstva i Socijalne Skrbi)

Ministry of Culture (Ministarstvo Kulture)

Ministry of Tourism (Ministarstvo Turizma)

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (Ministarstvo Znanosti, Obrazovanja i Sporta)

Maritime Administration (Uprava Pomorstva)

Ministry of Environmental Protection & Regional Planning

Ministry of Health (Ministarstvo Zdravstva)

Ministry of Defense (Ministarstvo Obrane)

State Intellectual Property Office

Croatian Bureau of Statistics (Drzavni Zavod Za Statistiku)

Croatian National Tourist Board (Hrvatska Turisticka Zajednica)

HIDRA - Croatian Information Documentation Referral Agency

Permanent Mission of Croatia to the United Nations, New York

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia-Washington

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to Canada

Meterological and Hydrological Service

State Office for Standardization and Metrology

State Veterinary Directorate

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia

Croatian National Bank
Travelling Documents
A passport or some other identification document recognised by the international agreement. For more information contact diplomatic missions of the Republic of Croatia abroad or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (Tel: 01 4569 964). International dialling code for Croatia is 385.

Customs Regulations

Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are harmonised with the standards of the EU Member States. Foreign currency can be freely brought in and out of the country; domestic curency: up to 2,000 HRK. Professional and technical equipment of a high value should be reported at the border.
Tax refund to foreign citizens for purchased goods exceeding 500 kuna, providing that the form entitled "Porezno Cek" ("Tax Cheque") is stamped by customs officers upon leaving the country. Info: Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia Tel: 01 6102 333
Web site: www.carina.hr

Accompanied dogs and cats must have an International Certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian evidencing that at least 15 days, but not more than six months, passed since the vaccination against rabies.
Discover Beautiful Croatia - Visit Croatia and you will never forget the unforgettable natural beauty of the place where the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plain come together.
Croatian National Parks - Of the eight national parks, four are in the mountain regions (Risnjak, Paklenica, Velebit and the Plitvice Lakes) and four are in the coastal area (Kornati, Mljet, Brijuni and Krka).
Croatian Nature Parks & Strict Reserves - Croatia can pride itself on its unpolluted environment and abundant plant and animal life outside the areas under protection.
Croatian Adriatic Coast - The Jewel of the Mediterranean - Long beaches, the rocks reflected in the sea, a pleasant rest away from the pressure of a business, the bustle of the big city and a total escape from the drudgery of everyday life. The rugged coast of the Croatian Adriatic is perfect for nautical tourism. Croatia has been described as the vacation and a sailing boat paradise.
Croatian City Guide - The other dimension of Croatia is the urban culture: towns are more numerous here than in any other part of Southeastern Europe.
Croatian Accommodations Info - Croatia offers great accommodations for business and pleasure. After all, tourism in the modern sense began in Croatia in the 19th century.
Croatian Government - Croatia is a multiparty parliamentary republic. Capital city is Zagreb, the economic, traffic, cultural and academic centre.
Visit Zagreb - Croatian gorgeous capital city has been a focal point of culture and science, and now this charming city is the hub of the business, academic, cultural, artistic and sporting worlds in Croatia.
Croatian Islands - Croatia has an impressive number of over 1000 islands, reefs and cliffs. A vast majority of the Adriatic sea islands are located near the northeastern, Croatian coast.
Croatian Gastronomy & Related Info - Traditional Croatian cuisine is represented by a full table of high quality specialties. Variety of quality food is huge and every town, not to mention that every region has it's own local specialties.
Useful Info About Croatia - Important info for travelers to Croatia.
Croatia Phone Numbers - Important phone numbers in Croatia.
Croatia - Photo Gallery - Click here to see images and virtual tours of Croatia.
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