Chicken Recipes

Chickens that are three or four months old are called spring chickens or broilers. Birds older than one year are sometimes called fowls. For best results, try to buy quality, organic and antibiotic free chicken.

Organic chickens and fowls have certain characteristics which make them readily distinguishable. Chickens have soft feet, a soft and flexible breast bone, many pin feathers, and little fat. Fowls have hard and scaly feet, rigid breast bone, long hairs, and much fat surrounding the intestines.

Real Cooking

Basic Chicken Broth

Disjoint, and cut the chicken into small pieces. Break or crush the bones. If you are using farm chicken, reserve the feet as they contain gelatin good for broth. Cover the meat, feet and bones with cold water; heat very slowly, and simmer till the meat is tender. A few minutes before removing from the fire add salt and pepper to taste, also 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Strain, and when cool remove the fat. When needed, heat the necessary quantity, and if desired very clear add the shell and white of 1 egg. Let this boil slowly 3 or 4 minutes. Skim and strain through a fine cloth or fine sieve. A little lemon juice may be added to vary the flavor. This may be poured into small cups and kept in a freezer; If the chicken broth is served hot or used as base for soup, it should not be cleared with the egg.

TIP: When you are preparing basic chicken broth, one-half of the chicken may be used for broth, and the other half for broiling or a fricassee.