Cottage Cheese Spread


1 cup dry cottage cheese 
1/2 cup sour cream 
3 tablespoons mayonnaise 
1 teaspoon minced garlic 
1 teaspoon paprika 
salt and white pepper to taste


  • Combine all ingredients and process until smooth. 
  • Remove to serving dish and refrigerate at least 1 hour. 
  • Serve with toast, breads or assorted crackers.
TIP: Serve on baked potatoes, canapés or sandwiches.

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Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is a cheese curd product with a mild flavor. It is drained, but not pressed so some whey remains. The curd is usually washed to remove acidity giving sweet curd cheese. It is not aged or colored. Different styles of cottage cheese are made from milks with different fat levels and in small curd or large curd preparations. Cottage cheese which is pressed becomes hoop cheese, farmer's cheese or queso blanco. FREE Recipes