Soups are excellent healthy tonic and they have wonderful taste. In most parts of Europe soups are usually served as appetizers.

You can prepare your own soups at home with a minimum of trouble and enjoy good-quality food.

Some soups in combinations with meat and vegetables can make a meal in themselves.

All the recipes serve 4 to 6, unless otherwise indicated.

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Did You Know?
A mixed diet is the only rational one for man.

Animal food requires a considerable quantity of oxygen for its complete combustion.

Meat is not necessary to life. Nitrogenous food we must have, but it need not be in the form of meat. The estimate commonly given is, that meat should occupy one-fourth and vegetable food three-fourths of a mixed diet, but in many cases the meat eaten is much in excess of this allowance.

The proper association of different foods always keeps healthy people in better condition; there are times, however, when it may be necessary to abstain from certain articles of diet.

A carbonaceous diet taxes the excretory organs less than animal food.

It may be well to bear in mind, that the protein compounds can do the work of the carbohydrates and fats in being consumed for fuel, but the carbohydrates and fats cannot do the work of protein in building and repairing the tissues of the body.

An exclusively vegetable diet, low in proteins and nitrogenous compounds, while it may maintain a condition of health for a time, eventually results in a loss of strength and power to resist disease. Therefore it is necessary to understand the approximate value of each class of food in arranging the daily dietary.