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Stupid Men Jokes Vol.2

Grow your own dope...   plant a man!

QUESTION: What did God say after creating man?
ANSWER: I can do better.


He: "Oh! Are you really a mind-reader?"
She: "Yes! I am."
He: "Then I hope you aren't offended. I didn't mean what I thought about you."

QUESTIONS: Why are gingerbread men the best men of all?
ANSWERS: They are cute. They are sweet. and if they give you any lip, you can bite their heads off.


She: "How is your Debating Society getting along?"
He: "Very well. We have forty members, and we all agree beautifully."

She (tenderly): "And are mine the only lips you have kissed?"
He: "Yes, and they are the sweetest of all."


"This theory about fish being brain food is all nonsense."
"Why do you say so?"
"Because the greatest number of fish are eaten by the very people who are idiots enough to sit out all day waiting for them to bite."

QUESTION: What is the definition of nothing?
ANSWER: When a man with an erection walks into a brick wall and injures....... his nose.

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Wife: "Oh, you needn't sneer! I mean every word I say."
Husband: "I'm not sneering, my dear. I'm just thinking what a lot you must mean."

Stupid Man Jokes

The amateur artist was painting sunset, red with blue streaks and green dots.
The old rustic, at a respectful distance, was watching.
"Ah," said the artist looking up suddenly, "perhaps to you, too, Nature has opened her sky picture page by page! Have you seen the lambent flame of dawn leaping across the livid east; the red-stained, sulphurous islets floating in the lake of fire in the west; the ragged clouds at midnight, black as a raven's wing, blotting out the shuddering moon?"
"No," replied the rustic, "not since I give up drink."

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