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This user friendly internet guide contains information about beautiful Croatia.

National Park Brijuni

The Brijuni islands stretch along the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula; they are separated from the Istrian mainland by the Fazana Channel which is 3 kilometers wide.

Brijuni islands
National Park Brijuni Islands
National Park Brijuni Islands
Brijuni islands

The archipelago of two large and twelve smaller islands off Pula make up the National Park Brijuni, which covers an area of 36 square kilometers, including the surrounding sea.

The Brijuni National Park is famous for its luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, marine fauna and a safari park. There is also a zoo with animals from other climates.

This wonderful park abounds in rare animal and plant species, and contains some extraordinary examples of Roman and Byzantine heritage.

Brijuni islands - Roman and Byzantine heritage Brijuni islands - Roman and Byzantine heritage Brijuni islands - Roman and Byzantine heritage

On account of their exceptional natural beauty, these islands have been a preferred summer hideaway for many statesmen of the world.

Accommodations Brijuni Riviera - Brijuni rivijera project includes four locations in the southwestern part of Istrian coast, in the area of Fazana municipality in the north and the city of Pula in the south.

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