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Business Guide

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A cheque or check is a negotiable instrument which is instructing a financial institution to pay a specific amount of a specific currency from a specified demand account held in the maker's or depositor's name with that institution.

Reduced risks of robbery.
They usually boost sales, because buyers are not limited by amount.
Some buyers like paying by cheque because they have a record of their payments.


Risk of getting paid by bad cheque.
Risk of fraud and identity teft.
Risk of non-suficient funds in the issuer's account to cover the cheque.
Handling cheques is time consuming.
Cheque cashing services are costly.

NOTE: Since cheques include significant personal information (name, account number, signature and in some countries driver's license number, the address and sometimes even phone number of the account holder), they can be used for fraud, specifically identity theft.

<>As a business owner, you'll probably most often pay suppliers by issuing a cheque on your current account. Make sure your bank statement is up to date and keep record of all your payments.

When you send your cheque to your supplier by mail, make sure it reaches its destination by the due date. Check the account and make sure you have funds to cover all your cheques.

If your payment will be late, warn your supplier and send it when promised.

NOTE: Business owners rarely pay suppliers in cash, but there may be occasions when you pay cash for something If you pay cash for something, obtain a receipt or you won't be able to claim that expense.


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Business Guide


How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market - Building on research from disciplines as diverse as neurology, sociology, literary analysis, and cognitive science, Zaltman offers rich insights into what happens within the complex system of mind, brain, body, and society as consumers contemplate their needs and evaluate products. Zaltman illustrates how leading companies are "mining the unconscious" - with remarkable results, and introduces innovative tools & techniques that help marketers:
* Develop research questions that speak to the unconscious brain.
* Evoke valuable meaning through a customer's metaphors and instill those images in brand communications.
* Measure consumer reactions to marketing stimuli and alter advertising or positioning strategies accordingly.
* Build "consensus maps" that reflect a market segment's universal thinking-and reengineer them to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.
* Understand how their own minds work-and how they can think in creative new ways. The mind of the market is waiting to be explored. Make sure your competitors don't get there first.

Unlocking the Cash in Your Company: How to Get Unlimited Funds Without a Loan - Introduces an alternative means of financing which is often available to those who cannot obtain a bank loan. Will this form of financing -- factoring -- help your business? Learn how selling your invoices can generate immediate cash flow… who can qualify… how factoring differs from other financing… when to factor and when not to… how to find the right factor… and much more.

Tested Advertising Methods - A legend in advertising for more than 60 years, John Caples still serves as a guide to generations of creative marketing people. Now his classic work on how to create successful advertising has been updated by respected advertising consultant Fred Hahn. It retains all the clarity, candid analysis, time-tested experience and invaluable award-winning ideas from the original, while bringing it right up-to-the-minute on the many new changes in the field.

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