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The End of Innocence:
A Memoir  by Chastity Bono, Michele Kort (Contributor)
From Booklist - This is no Mommie Dearest. It's not even a biography ofChastity Bono, daughter of Sonny and Cher. Rather, this is a memoir o fthe time Chastity spent with her lover Joan Stephens, a friend of Cher's, someone Chastity had been attracted to since she was13.
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She's  tough, straightforward and honest without sacrificing her femininity - praised as the role  model for  the  woman of   the '90s.
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Sonny & Cher
Cher: If You Believe by Mark Bego, Mary Wilson
It's old  joke that after a nuclear holocaust, the only living creatures will be cockroaches and Cher. 

From Library Journal
The persistent and varied career of Cher finds extensive coverage here. An experienced celebrity biographer, Bego covers nearly every high and low of the actress/singer/comedienne's life, from her underprivileged upbringing, through her mid-1980s career implosion, to a 2001 Grammy for her No. 1 single, "Believe."

The First Time
by Cher, Jeff Coplon
A collection of short, easily digestible anecdotesof her first Rolling Stones concert, her first solo recording, her first wedding ceremony told by Cher and committed to paper in a tone of talkiness that seems to come straight from the tape recorder. Each brief recollection, some not more than a paragraph in span, stands on its own, but the separate reflections combine to tell the larger story of Chers bumpy rise from poor sassy kid and naive starlet to independent singer and award-winning actress. Much to her credit, Cher has bypassed the common pitfall of the confessional genre: that of over -analyzing minor events and attributing to them major, long-term outcomes. Instead, the memories are stated sparsely; she doesnt spend too much time explaining them or justifying them emotionally. The result: a lighter, more enjoyable read. 
The Cher Scrapbook
by Mary Anne Cassata
Cher (Women of Achievement (Cloth)) by Connie Berman, Cheryl Napsha
Napsha presents Cher in a most informative and intriguing light. The amount of fascinating information is presented in a clear and revealing way with copious enthusiasm!
Recognized as an accomplished actress, singer and entertainer, her career began in the early '60's as back-up singer on Phil Spector's productions.
Family Outing by Chastity Bono, Billie Fitzpatrick (Contributor)
A two books in one: a  memoir of  Chastity  Bono's experience coming out as a lesbian to her famous parents and a look at the difficulties and triumphs that are part of every uncloseted homosexual's family life, with  narratives  drawn  from interviews with members of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). 
Cooking for Cher by Andrew Ennis, Andy Ennis, Cher, Joan Nielsen
Cher's chef presents low-fat, cholesterol-fighting recipes using fresh ingredients and ranging from ethnic dishes like Moroccan Chicken Stew to family favorites such as Chastity's Italian Spinach and Onions, complemented by photographs of the star. 
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