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Croatian Language
ListenClick to hear a song sampleCroatian Anthem
The National Anthem of Croatia
Text of the Anthem of the Republic of Croatia
Click on the image for bigger picture
Croatian Language Guide - Basic phrases for travelers with audio files and related links.
Croatian Dictionary & Online Translation - Croatian language is strictly phonetic, every word being pronounced exactly as it is spelt, following the principle: "to write as you speak, and to speak as you write". 
Croatian Culture & History On The Web
History of the Croatian Language
Croatian Cultural Association - The main organisation of Croatia cultural-artistical amaterism which permanently take care about choirs, orchestras, folk and dance ansambls, writers and so on.
Croatian Ministry Of Culture
Germanic & Slavic Studies at the University of Waterloo
The Department of Slavic Languages at the University of Toronto
Slavic Language Courses at Washington University
Croatian News & Media
Funny! 10 Zagorje Commandments
Funny! 10 Dalmatian Commandments
Discover Beautiful Croatia

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