Fruit, as is generally understood, is the fleshy, juicy product of some plant or tree which, when ripe, is suitable for use as food. Although some fruits are seedless, they generally contain the seeds of the plants or trees that produce them. Few fruits require cooking to make them palatable, some fruits are never cooked, and still others may be cooked or eaten raw, as desired.

Fruits, are wholesome, appetizing, attractive, and occupy a valuable place in our diet. In fact, it is their attractiveness rather than their great food value that accounts for the popularity of fruits among all people. In addition to causing fruits to appeal to the esthetic sense, their attractiveness serves another important purpose. Nature made fruits attractive in color, odor, and flavor in order that birds and other animals might be allured to attack them for food and, by spreading the seeds, assist in their propagation.

Fruits play very important role in our regular diet, in fact they are so important part of healthy diet that they must be looked on not as one of the things that may be taken or omitted as a person wishes without making any difference either way, but as a valuable food to include in one form or another in nearly every meal.

The child who is so young that it cannot take any solid food may have fruit juices included in its diet to decided advantage; but children who are slightly older and adults should take the raw fruits instead of juices, for the full benefit of their consumption.

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Did You Know?
All fruits and veggies have antioxidant power - a formidable weapon against aging. Make sure you eat lots of the top 10:
  1. Bluberries
  2. Blackberries
  3. Strawberries
  4. Oranges
  5. Brussels sprouts
  6. Plums
  7. Broccoli florets
  8. Beets
  9. Kale
  10. Spinach
Healthy way to ward
off mild depression
The carbohydrate connection to more upbeat moods is not news. There are plenty of edibles besides chocolate, alcohol and caffeine that are capable of producing positive shifts in mood, mental function and overall energy levels. The best mood enhancing foods are actually fruit juices because of their super fast insulin response. Healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and grains can lift up sagging spirits for longer periods of time than sweet treats. Researchers have long recognized the effects of carbohydrate components (such as starch and sugar) on levels of serotonin, a chemical messenger in our brain that causes positive changes in behavior and attitude. When starches and sugars are consumed, they trigger a surge of insulin, which in turn increases levels of tryptophan, an amino acid, in the brain. Tryptophan is than converted into serotonin, creating in people a feeling of well-being. For the best serotonin effect, high-carb foods should be eaten by themself, without protein or fat. Protein interferes with the release of serotonin and fat slows digestion.

For maximum effectiveness, eat your complex carbs on an empty stomach, and do not eat anything else for about half an hour.