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Humor About Women Vol.9


During the course of conversation between two ladies in a hotel parlor one said to the other: "Are you married?" "No, I am not," replied the other. "Are you?"
"No," was the reply, "I, too, am on the single list," adding: "Strange that two such estimable women as ourselves should have been overlooked in the great matrimonial market! Now that lady," pointing to another who was passing, "has been widowed four times, two of her husbands having been cremated. The woman," she continued, "is plain and uninteresting, and yet she has them to burn."


The public-spirited lady met the little boy on the street. Something about his appearance halted her. She stared at him in her near-sighted way.
LADY: "Little boy, haven't you any home?"
LITTLE BOY: "Oh, yes'm; I've got a home."
LADY: "And loving parents?"
LITTLE BOY: "Yes'm."
LADY: "I'm afraid you do not know what love really is. Do your parents look after your moral welfare?"
LITTLE BOY: "Yes'm."
LADY: "Are they bringing you up to be a good and helpful citizen?"
LITTLE BOY: "Yes'm."
LADY: "Will you ask your mother to come and hear me talk on 'When Does a Mother's Duty to Her Child Begin?' next Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock, at local Church Hall?"
LITTLE BOY (explosively): "What's th' matter with you ma! Don't you know me? I'm your little boy!"

"What is your ideal man?"
"One who is clever enough to make money and foolish enough to spend it!"


A few women were discussing diet tips. When it was mentioned that getting enough exercise and sleep were just as important as watching food intake, one woman responded with surprise that sleep was a factor. Another replied: "Of course sleep is a factor. The only time I'm not eating is when I'm sleeping!"

SHE: "I consider, dear, that sheep are the stupidest creatures living."
HE: (absent-mindedly) —"Yes, my lamb."

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A nurse had to take a patient back to  her room after surgery. Woman was still feeling the effects of the anesthetic and was rather confused.
After nurse had made her comfortable, she was confronted with four of woman friends who asked, "How is she?" 
The nurse replied, "Oh, she's quite dopey." 
One of the friends said, "We know that, but how is she healthwise?"

A blackmailer wrote the following to a wealthy business man: "Send me $10,000 or I will abduct your mother-in-law."
The business man replied: "Sorry I am short of funds, but your proposition interests me."

An undertaker telegraphed to a man that his mother-in-law had died and asked whether he should bury, embalm or cremate her. The man replied, "All three, take no chances."


"So you have adopted a baby to raise?" Ann asked her friend. "Well, it may turn out all right, but don't you think you are taking chances?"

"Not a chance," she answers. "No matter how many bad habits the child may develop, my husband can't say baby inherits any of them from my side of the house."

"Is she making him a good wife?"
"Well, not exactly; but she's making him a good husband."