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Humor About Women Vol.6

It sometimes takes a girl a long time to learn that
a flirtation is attention without intention.

Mother: "But, my dear daughter, you've only known him three weeks."
Daughter: "I know that, mother, but on the other hand if I delay in accepting him he might find out some things about me he won't like, too."

"I would die for you," said the rich older groom.
"How soon?" asked the practical bride to be.


"I took that pretty girl from the church home the other night, and stole a kiss."
"What did she say?"
"Will that be all?"

Did you hear that they are going to stop circumcising men? 
They discovered they were throwing away the best part.


"Would you have married me if my father hadn't left me a fortune?" the newly married man asked his wife. 
"Honey," the woman replied sweetly, "I'd have married you no matter who left you a fortune."

SHE: "I would like to have a globe of the Earth."
HE: "What size, dear?"
SHE: "Life-size, of course."


In the hall of a Philharmonic society the following notice was posted:
"The seats in this hall are for the use of the ladies. Gentlemen are requested to make use of them only after the former are seated."

Fame is the feeling that you are the constant subject of admiration on the part of people who are not thinking of you.

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In the train, one of the passengers had an empty coatsleeve. The sharer of his seat was an older lady of an inquisitive turn, and after a vain effort to restrain her curiosity, finally hemmed and hawed, and said: "I beg pardon, sir, but I see you've lost an arm."
The one-armed man picked up the empty sleeve in his remaining hand, and felt of it with every evidence of astonishment.
"Bless my soul!" he exclaimed. "I do believe you're right."

Little Sally came up to her mother with a very solemn face. "Is it true, mother," she asked, "that marriage is a failure?" Her mother surveyed her thoughtfully for a moment. "Well, Sally," she finally replied, "If you get a rich husband, it's almost as good as a failure."

A man descended from an excursion train and was wearily making his way to the bus, followed by his wife and fourteen children, when a policeman touched him on the shoulder and said:
"Come along wid me."
"What for?"
"Blamed if I know; but when ye're locked up I'll go back and find out why that crowd was following ye."


There are two kinds of women: The fashionable ones and those who are comfortable.