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Ignorance of the law does not prevent the 
losing lawyer from collecting his bill


An impecunious young lawyer B.B. Lawcook recently received the following letter from a tailor to whom he was indebted:
"Dear Sir: Kindly advise me by return mail when I may expect a remittance from you in settlement of my account.
Yours truly,

The follower of Blackstone immediately replied:

"Dear Sir: I have your request for advice of a recent date, and beg leave to say that not having received any retainer from you I cannot act in the premises. Upon receipt of your check for $250 I shall be very glad to look the matter up for you and to acquaint you with the results of my investigations.
I am, sir, with great respect, your most obedient servant,


A man walking along the street of a village stepped into a hole in the sidewalk and broke his leg. He engaged a famous lawyer, brought suit against the village for one houndred thousand dollars and won the case. The city appealed to the Supreme Court, but again the great lawyer won. After the claim was settled the lawyer sent for his client and handed him one dollar.
"What's this?" asked the man.
"That's your damages, after taking out my fee, the cost of appeal and other expenses," replied the counsel.
The man looked at the dollar, turned it over and carefully scanned the other side. Then looked up at the lawyer and said: "What's the matter with this dollar? Is it counterfeit?"


A prisoner was brought before the bar in the criminal court, but was not represented by a lawyer.
"Where is your lawyer?" asked the judge who presided.
"I have none, sir," replied the prisoner.
"Why not?" queried the judge.
"Because I have no money to pay one."
"Do you want a lawyer?" asked the judge.
"Yes, sir."
"Well, there are Mr. Thomas W. Wilson, Mr. Henry Eddy, and Mr. George Rogers," said the judge, pointing to several young attorneys who were sitting in the room, waiting for something to turn up, "and Mr. Allen is out in the hall."
The prisoner looked at the attorneys, and, after a critical survey, he turned to the judge and said:
"If I can take my choice, sir, I guess I'll take Mr. Allen."



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Young Canadian lawyer, with a fellow American, was traveling in the Orient, and his companion one day fell into a heated argument with an old Arab. Lawyer's friend complained to him afterward that although he had spent years in studying Arabic in preparation for this trip he could not understand a word that the native said.
"Never mind," replied young lawyer consolingly. "You see, the old duffer hasn't a tooth in his head, and he was only talking gum-Arabic."

Law Humor

Lawyer's Wife (pouting): You don't value my kisses as you used to.
Lawyer: Value them? Why, before we were married I used to expect a dozen in payment for a box of candy, and now I consider only one of them sufficient payment for a new dress.

Wedding & Marriage Humor

The lawyer's son was home on his first vacation since he had attained to the dignity of law college. He and his father were discussing affairs of the day, and finally the boy remarked: "I hope when I am as old as you are, I'll know more about law than you do."
"I'll go you one better, my boy," the father replied. "I hope that when you are that old you will know as much as you think you do now."

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