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Nova Scotia  - Parks

In Nova Scotia, you’re never far from nature. Nova Scotia's many expansive nature parks have so much to offer – from endless rivers to wilderness camping, to sandy beaches and massive forests. Several parks allow for safe deep woods camping by canoe or kayak, while even our golf courses are typically surrounded by forest or ocean – or even both!

Savour the salty ocean breezes. Catch the sparkle of the sun on the sea. Kayak along the ocean shore or down a mysterious river. Hear the muffled thump of your footsteps on a spruce-scented path, and revel in the knowledge that in Nova Scotia you can enjoy nature’s many delights every season of the year. From hiking around Nova Scotia’s Provincial Parks to kayaking the Atlantic waters, Nova Scotia outdoor activities are as rich and varied as the culture.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park - The headlands and cliffs of Cape Breton Highland tower over the rich, natural heritage that is all around. Home to the famous Cabot Trail, the land is blessed with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and a human history that stretches back to the last Ice Age. The park offers many accessible treasures and experiences remarkable in their diversity, beauty, and wonder.

Kejimkujik National Park - Kejimkujik, the only inland national park of Canada in the Maritimes, features abundant lakes and rivers ideal for canoeing. The lush woodlands and gently rolling landscapes are home to a variety of wildlife. Visitors will find historic canoe routes, portages and many beautiful hiking trails in the park.

Nova Scotia Parks Info - Nova Scotia's provincial park system provide access to some of the best opportunities to enjoy the rich natural and cultural heritage this beautiful province has to offer.

Nova Scotia - Carve Out Some Time To Play
- Spend Some Fun Time in Nova Scotia’s Outdoors!Visit the forests of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, surf Lawrencetown Breach, go rafting on the highest tides in the world on the Bay of Fundy, take a cycling tour of the Cabot Trail, or have a picnic on a rocks at Peggy’s Cove. Outdoor Nova Scotia is as endless as your imagination!

Surfing Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia is gaining international recognition as a great surfing destination. The province possesses thousands of kilometers of coastline, and a topography that gives up everything the ocean needs to form sweet breaks (drumlins from the last Ice Age, long peninsulas, curving bays, and rugged mountains). Whether you are a tow-in surfer looking for hurricane-generated twelve-foot Tahitian-style barrels or an average surf hound seeking one of those fabled breaks that peel for nigh onto a kilometer, you are going to be glad you brought your board to Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Image: Cape Breton Highlands National Park © www.novascotia.com

Nova Scotia boasts 7,600 km (4,750 mi) of coastline wrapped around all kinds of topography from the Highlands of Cape Breton to the dykelands of the Annapolis Valley and the deep forests of Lunenburg County.

Nova Scotia is the largest processor of wild blueberries in the world, and the second largest producer on earth! As Nova Scotia’s provincial berry the wild blueberry is also renowned for its health benefits having the highest levels of antioxidants of all fruits and vegetables. Nova Scotia’s provincial berry is celebrated annually during Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival in August. Or check out the Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre in Oxford, which shows off natural resources with interactive displays and interpretative guides. High-bush blueberries are grown in the Annapolis Valley and are the featured item everyday on the menu at Between the Bushes Restaurant in Centreville.


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