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Parks - Canada


A world of wonders awaits you in the Canadian parks - from great wilderness and outdoor adventure, towering cliffs, rugged shorelines, windowswept sand dunes and seemingly bottomless gorges. And with each of parks serving up a truly one-of-a -kind buffet of natural wonders, you won't find yourself running short of inspiration any time soon.

From a stroll on the endless beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to a seaside dinner of candlelight and Atlantic lobster in Fundy National Park, you're going to love Canada's National Parks...

Alberta Parks - Alberta is Canadian province with 5 National Parks, 75 Provincial Parks and hundreds of provincial recreation areas. Alberta's provincial parks and protected areas provide access to some of the best destinations in North America for nature-based outdoor recreation and natural heritage appreciation.

British Columbia Parks - Venture into the most beautiful and challenging natural vonders of Canada. Travel from the steep, rugged mountains, warm, moist climate and wide variety of plant and animal life typical of Glacier National Park of Canada to the dense old-growth rainforest of giant cedar and pine. Discover unique nature and ancient trails and culture of the first nations.

New Brunswick Parks - Each of New Brunswick’s beautiful parks offers uniquely different experiences. Kouchibouguac is a fascinating mosaic of bogs, salt marshes, tidal rivers, sparkling freshwater systems, sheltered lagoons, abandoned fields and tall forests which characterizes the Maritime Plain Natural Region. The tidal fluctuation of the Bay of Fundy is the highest in the world. Discover a surprising variety of natural treasures...

Manitoba Parks - Manitoba's parks offer a wide range of services and facilities for your year-round enjoyment. No matter what recreational activities you pursue, you are sure to enjoy spectacular natural environments, unique cultural sites, sandy beaches and clear waters. When you are ready to experience everything under the sun, come to Manitoba parks.

Manitoba: Canada's Wapusk National Park - Polar Bears & So Much More - Canada's Wapusk National Park on the shores of Hudson's Bay in the north-eastern corner of Manitoba is remote and access is available only through a handful of approved commercial tour operators. The effort involved in getting there pales in comparison to the thrill of watching polar bear mothers wrestle with their cubs in the snow just metres from your big-wheeled Tundra Buggy.

Nova Scotia Parks - In Nova Scotia, you’re never far from nature. Nova Scotia's many expansive nature parks have so much to offer – from endless rivers to wilderness camping, to sandy beaches and massive forests. Several parks allow for safe deep woods camping by canoe or kayak, while even our golf courses are typically surrounded by forest or ocean – or even both!

Newfoundland & Labrador Parks - The variety of natural environments in this province is spectacular. They span everything from Newfoundland's rugged south coast, maritime barrens, and the Tablelands of Gros Morne, to the windy peaks of the Torngat Mountains and the sub-Arctic tundra of northern Labrador.

Northwest Territories Parks - Imagine hiking in a National Park at the top of the world, where caribou spend the summer. Canoe a wild northern river few have ever seen. Hop a bush plane and go flightseeing over the Nahanni, the Mackenzie Delta, or Great Slave Lake's East Arm. Or relax aboard a jet boat, and travel a northern river to a secluded mountain lodge.

Nunavut Parks - Nunavut's territorial parks, heritage rivers and special places offer numerous opportunities to explore, learn, be inspired, or simply to lay back and enjoy yourself. Sweeping glaciers and polar sea ice meet jagged granite mountains in Auyuittuq National Park of Canada. Established in 1976, Auyuittuq - an Inuktitut word meaning "land that never melts" - protects 19,089 km 2 of glacier-scoured terrain. Sirmilik National Park represents the Northern Eastern Arctic Lowlands Natural Region and portions of the Lancaster Sound Marine Region. The park will comprise three separate land areas. Bylot Island is a spectacular area of rugged mountains, icefields and glaciers, coastal lowlands and seabird colonies.

Ontario Parks - A large part of Ontario is covered by protected parks and wilderness areas. Those with a passion for the outdoors can find a range of experiences from the wild and challenging to family oriented outings. The choices are endless, but it is always guaranteed that the setting is amidst a spectacular natural backdrop, some surprisingly close to urban centres. Visit a park and take a timeout from the quick pace of everyday life.

Prince Edward Island Parks - Prince Edward Island has a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. The coastline consists of a combination of long beaches, dunes, red sandstone cliffs, salt water marshes and numerous bays and harbours.

Quebec Parks - Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, make new discoveries or simply relax, you'll have a totally unique experience in Québec's most beautiful natural environments! Québec’s parks are organized to promote discovery while respecting sensitive zones and keeping environmental impacts to a minimum.

Saskatchewan Parks - Saskatchewan has two national parks: Prince Albert National Park of Canada, in the north central region of the province, and Grasslands National Park of Canada in the southwest. Two National Parks and 34 Provincial Parks are among more than two million hectares/five million acres of parkland. Forest and prairie trails, uncrowded beaches, spacious campsites, scenic golf courses and comfortable lodges will help elevate your Saskatchewan park experience.

Yukon Parks - The Yukon's major appeal is its nearly pristine nature. Tourism relies heavily on this, and there are many organised outfitters and guides available to hunters and anglers and nature lovers of all sorts. Sports enthusiasts can paddle lakes and rivers with canoes and kayaks, ride or walk trails, ski or snowboard in an organized setting or access the backcountry by air or snowmobile, climb the highest peaks of North America or take a family hike up smaller mountains, or try ice climbing and dog sledding.

Parks Canada - Whateever outdoor adventure you may be seeking you'll find in great Canadian parks.

The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network Coordinating Office (EMAN CO) - EMAN CO of Environment Canada helps Nature Canada deliver the NatureWatch program. Their Web site contains information and links on tools, range maps, trends, and more.


Wonders of the World in Canada

The last wild flock of whooping cranes. The first known European settlement in North America. A textbook illustration of plate tectonics. Rainforest. Glaciers.

These are just a few examples of the internationally recognized wonders to be found in Canada. Since 1972, the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized natural and cultural wonders around the globe, promoting their protection and preservation.  UNESCO’s World Heritage List of extraordinary wonders currently includes 15 sites in Canada, 10 of which fall under the management of Parks Canada.

UNESCO sites in Canada range from the pure and magnificent wilderness of Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories to Ontario's Rideau Canal National Historic Site, a 200 kilometre-long marvel of early 19th century engineering. In between, there are the remains of a Viking settlement more than 1,000 years old at L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Straddling the border of Alberta and the Northwest Territories is Wood Buffalo National Park. Home to whooping cranes, bison, and some of the largest undisturbed grass and sedge meadows in North America, the park occupies an area larger than Switzerland.   From the stunning fjords and naked geology of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador to the ancient Haida culture of the coastal rainforest of British Columbia, Canada's UNESCO World Heritage sites offer an experience and adventure that is unique in the world.



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