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Real Life Humor Vol.7

Destination Problem

Old farmer arrived at the station with the goat he was to ship North, but the freight agent was having difficulty in billing him.
"What's this goat's destination, Papa?" he asked.
"I say, what's his destination? Where's he going?"
Old farmer searched carefully for the tag. A bit of frayed cord was all that remained.
"Dat ornery goat!" he exploded wrathfully. "Yo' know, suh, dat iggorant goat done completely et up his destination."

About Viruses

As a computer-science teacher, he is constandy lobbying for funding to buy hardware and software for his school. 
At one meeting with the technology-pur-chases committee, he requested money for a virus-protection program. "If you're so worried about viruses," one committee member replied, "why don't you just spray the computers with disinfectant?" 

Saying It With Flowers

When local flower shop gets too many phone calls for the regular staff to handle, one of their most capable flower designers steps in to take orders. Since her first language is not English, our manager sometimes double-checks her work. 
One morning, the manager called a customer to verify the message our designer had taken. When she finally stopped laughing, the client said, "No!No! I want the message to read 'Love you heaps,' not 'Love your hips'!" 

Deodorant Story

Her younger sister rushed into her room one morning and asked if she had seen her deodorant. "I need it before math class," her sister announced. "Since when do you need deodorant before math ?" she asked. "Since we started geometry," her younger sister replied.

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A very wealthy pig farmer from North America admired a picture by popular artist.

"How much is that?" he demanded. The dealer quoted the price as $25,000.

"Holy pig's feet!" the magnate spluttered. "For that money, I can buy live hogs and——"

His wife nudged him in the ribs, and whispered: "Don't talk shop."

Medical Humor & Jokes

Not long ago a regular visitor of a popular café in Chicago summoned his waiter and delivered himself as follows:

"I want to know the meaning of this. Look at this piece of beef. See its size. Last evening I was served with a portion more than twice the size of this."

"Where did you sit?" asked the waiter.

"What has that to do with it? I believe I sat by the window."

"In that case," smiled the waiter, "the explanation is simple. We always serve customers by the window large portions. It's a good advertisement for the place."

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