Cafe Brulot


2 cups double strength hot coffee
4 teaspoons sugar
1 cinnamon stick
4 ounces Cognac
Twisted lemon
Orange peel


  • In chafing dish, combine 2 cups double strength hot coffee, 4 teaspoons sugar, 4 whole cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 each twisted lemon and orange peel and 4 ounces Cognac. 
  • Flame for few minutes and ladle into demitasse cups.
NOTE: To make double strength coffee, use two tablespoons coffee for each cup (6 ounce) brewed.

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Did You Know?
No "food drink" has ever encountered so much opposition as coffee. Given to the world by the church and dignified by the medical profession, nevertheless it has had to suffer from religious superstition and medical prejudice. During the thousand years of its development it has experienced fierce political opposition, stupid fiscal restrictions, unjust taxes, irksome duties; but, surviving all of these, it has triumphantly moved on to a foremost place in the catalog of popular beverages.

But coffee is something more than a beverage. It is one of the world's greatest adjuvant foods. There are other auxiliary foods, but none that excels it for palatability and comforting effects, the psychology of which is to be found in its unique flavor and aroma.