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When a recipe calls for one cup of anything, it means one even cup, holding one-half pint, or two gills.
One cup is equal to four wine glasses.

One wine glass is equal to four tablespoons of liquid, or one-quarter cup.

Two dessert spoons equal one tablespoon.

Six tablespoons of liquid equal one gill.

Two tablespoons dry measure equal one gill.

Two gills equal one cup.

Two cups, or four gills, equal one pint.

Four cups of flour weigh one pound and four cups of flour equal one quart.

One even cup of flour is four ounces.

Two cups (good measure) of granulated sugar weigh one pound and measure one pint.

Two cups butter equal one pound.

A pint of liquid equals one pound.

A cup of milk or water is 8 ounces.

Two tablespoons liquid equal one ounce.

One salt spoon is ¼ teaspoon.

Four tablespoons equal one wine glass.

Piece of butter size of an egg equals two ounces, or two tablespoons.

A tablespoon of butter melted means the butter should be first measured then melted.

One even tablespoon of unmelted butter equals one ounce.

One tablespoon sugar, good measure, equals one ounce.

Ordinary silver or eating tablespoon was used for measuring, not a large mixing spoon.

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