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Bring Romance Back Into Your Marriage

Bring Romance Back Into Your Marriage

You don't have to be perfect to be loved!

In everyday life we all face situations so complex that no one could possibly get them right all the time. When you do something wrong or when making mistakes, try to admit them and show your partner you know that is wrong, because he or she has to be assured of your love and integrity more than of your perfection. Sometimes our mistakes can make us feel guilty, and if it turns out that our guilt is appropriate, than we should change.

Be careful, because gilt is useful as a motivator to change, but is very destructive and useless if paralyzes the person with a sense of unlovability or unworthiness. Loved somebody and having someone who loves you is the greatest feeling in your life. If we are strong enough to forgive and generous to rejoice in another's happiness and wise enough to know how to keep what we have, then we can achieve a fulfillment that no other living creature, except human beings, will ever know.

When a man is dating a woman he is on the hunt and he is completely focused on winning over the woman he cares for. He will do whatever it takes to be successful. He will wrapped his arm around her when they walked together, look at her and noticed her beauty, held her in public, hugged her, stroked her hair and he will do all sorts of little things for her. He will do all that because he was not allowed to touch her intimately. 

Once he is given the right to touch a woman intimately, his impulse for non sexual touch is gone. He touches her when he wants to have sex and she usually feel used. Having won her, he relaxes and he touch her only when he wants sexual contact, because the desire for sexual contact is much stronger than for non sexual. After the intense pleasures of sexual touch his impulse for affectionate touching may wane and she can't understand that. On the other hand women have need for non sexual touch and they may never lose strong need to be held and hugged. 

Every woman needs compliments and lots of reassurance that he still finds her appealing. 
Woman wants to share her losses and victories and many little things in life with her partner, just to feel close and important to him. Give her ten minutes of your undivided attention, let her tell you about her day. Share with her news from your own day. Women experience greater intimacy by sharing feelings and thoughts. 

It is very easy to misinterpret the motives of our partners and begin to feel they don't love us like before. When you learn to interpret his or her behavior correctly, with a little work together, your romantic feelings can be rekindled, and once more you can find man or woman with whom you fell in love.

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