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Humor & Jokes About Relationship

Humor & Jokes About Relationship

Can You Fix It?

One day a woman doing laundry discovered that the dryer stopped. She called to her husband:  "Hey honey, the dryer's broke.. can you fix it?" 

"Does it say dryer repairman anywhere on my forehead?" he asked. 

"No," she said. 

A few minutes later she came back and told him that the porch was breaking and it was dangerous. 

"Does it say carpenter anywhere on my forehead?" he asked. 

"No," she said again. 

A few days later the oven broke. "Hey honey... I can't fix dinner... the oven broke. Can you fix it?" 

"Do I look like... an oven repair man?" 

"No," she replied. 

A couple of days later he went on a business trip. When he came back he said to his wife, "Hey honey. I noticed you got all that stuff around the house fixed. How much did it cost?" 

Well," she said, "our neighbour down the street came over and he agreed to do all the repairs for free if I'd sleep with him or bake him a cake." 

"What kind of cake did you make him?" 

She looked at him smugly and said: "Do you see Betty Crocker written anywhere on my forehead?"

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