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DEBIT -  In the language of bookkeeping - left side of an account or an entry. 

DEBIT CARD - A bank card that triggers an electronic transfer of funds. Debit cards are used to access automated banking machines and to make a retail payment by transferring money from the customer's to the merchant's bank account. 

DEBT - Something owed to another; a liability or obligation to pay something. 

DEBT CAPITAL - Funds which are borrowed to run a business - from yourself, other individuals or financial institutions. 

DEBT TO EQUITY RATIO - A measure of how much debt your business has in relation to amount of equity, A high level of debt to equity means greater risk for lenders. 

DEBT TO TANGIBLE NET WORTH - Measures how much a business is borrowing in relation to the amount of equity invested in it. To calculate, divide total liabilities by tangible net worth. 

DEFAULT - Failure to pay a debt or meet an obligation. Any debt is a trust and failure to pay it is a violation of a high obligation.

DEMAND - Ask for with authority or claim as a right. In business we speak of paying debt on
"demand", this means that the obligation must be satisfied immediately when requested. 

DEMAND LOAN - A loan on which the bank can demand full repayment at any time. 

DEPRECIATION - The amount of such loss of value, or decrease in value through age, wear or deterioration. It is a normal expense of doing business that must be taken into account. All of the equipment that you buy for a business begins to depreciate immediately and is worth something less as it continues to be used. 



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