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GAIN - Increase in owner's equity caused by a transaction that is not part of the typical operations and not part of an owner's investments.

GAP LOAN  - An interim financing that provides funding between construction advances and the placement of permanent financing. It may be utilized when funds are being withheld by the permanent lender due to delays in meeting stated objectives concerning a project.

GENERAL LEDGER - Those accounts filed together which supply information for the preparation of financial statements. 

GENERAL PARTNER - Participant in limited partnership who manages the operation and is liable for all debts.

GOOD FAITH - Honesty of intention.

GOODWILL - Intangible business asset that arises from the expectation of continued business activity accruing from the good reputation of a business.

GRADUATED PAYMENT - Payment plan with specified regular increases of individual payments to a pre-determined level.

GROSS - Overall total before deductions (whole amount). 

GROSS INCOME - Total income from all sources paid to the business.

GROSS PROFIT - Net sales less the cost of goods sold. 

GROSS PROFIT MARGIN - The ratio of gross profit to sales. To calculate, divide gross profit by sales. This is key measure, often used to determine the health of a business. 

GROUP RSP - A collection of individual RSP-s (Retirement Savings Plans) that an employer offers to employees.

Governmental and Private Foundation Grant Programs
There are more than 25,000 Governmental and Private Foundation Grant Programs available in the U.S. Today. Why haven't you heard about these programs? Because the U.S. Government and Private Foundations DON'T ADVERTISE these programs.
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