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This user friendly internet guide contains education material, information about music, books, kids pages, and links to other sites offering education and related information.

Rules of Etiquette

The following rules, published long time ago as a receipt for that beauty of expression so much more lasting and attractive than mere beauty of feature, were written originally for the guidance of woman, but they are equally applicable to the needs of man.

"1. Learn to govern yourself and to be gentle and patient.

"2. Guard your temper, especially in seasons of ill-health, irritation, and trouble, and soften it by a sense of your own shortcomings and errors.

"3. Never speak or act in anger.

"4. Remember that, valuable as is the gift of speech, silence is often more valuable.

"5. Do not expect too much from others, but forbear and forgive, as you desire forbearance and forgiveness yourself.

"6. Never retort a sharp or angry word. It is the second word that makes the quarrel.

"7. Beware of the first disagreement.

"8. Learn to speak in a gentle tone of voice.

"9. Learn to say kind and pleasant things when opportunity offers.

"10. Study the characters of those with whom you come in contact, and sympathize with them in all their troubles, however small.

"11. Do not neglect little things if they can affect the comfort of others in the smallest degree.

"12. Avoid moods, and pets, and fits of sulkiness.

"13. Learn to deny yourself and prefer others.

"14. Beware of meddlers and tale-bearers.

"15. Never charge a bad motive, if a good one is conceivable."

Courtesy, charity and love are one, and, when all good deeds are done the warning comes: "If ye have not charity" all is naught. Therefore:

"A sweet, attractive kind of grace,
A full assurance given by looks,
Continual comfort in a face,
The lineaments of gospel-books."

Do ye all things courteously, founding precept and practice upon that old rule, the Golden Rule, which is the Alpha and the Omega of all good manners and the very Essence of all Etiquette.

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