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Ten Tips On Hunting Clothes

Hunting is both a science and an art. We say a science because a successful hunter know he must pay attention to a thousand little details, not only when where and how he stalks but all of the little things that can affect the hunt even before he makes the decision.

No matter how good your equipment or how well you know the territory, these little things can make your hunt a success.

  1. Avoid eating foods such as garlic and onions during season.

  2. Store your hunting clothing in unscented bags along with twigs, leaves, grasses or scent wafers that contain the natural scent of your hunting area.

  3. Use hunting clothes for hunting only. Do not wear them for changing oil, working in the yard or doing other household chores where you might pick up human odors.

  4. Don't wear your hunting clothes in the cabin or campsite or in the car on your way out. Change into them when you arrive, thereby avoiding smoke, exhaust or food odors.

  5. Urine is a human as well as an animal marker. Use a tightly sealed urine bottle for nature's call.

  6. Wear rubber-bottomed boots. They hold less human scent than leather-bottomed footwear.

  7. If you can, stop scouting about a month before the season opener so your human scent doesn't build up in the area you will be hunting.

  8. Be aware of your silhouette when on the stand. Make sure a tree or brush is at your back to break up your outline.

  9. Twigs and branches could deflect an arrow. Double check your shooting lanes.

  10. Remember that big bucks may become almost completely nocturnal in heavily hunted areas. Your best chance for them is very early or very late.

Article Source: Hunting Society

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