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French Presence In North America

Did you know that the year 2004 marked the 400th anniversary of the beginnings of continuous French settlement in North America?

In 1604, Pierre Dugua Sieur de Mons arrived at Saint Croix, a small island near what is today the Maine (USA)-New Brunswick border. It was here that he attempted year-round French settlement in North America, an event which symbolizes the founding of Acadie.

Accompanying Sieur de Mons was the famed explorer and mapmaker, Samuel de Champlain, who would inspire the exploration of both Canada and the United States.

Sieur de Mons went to establish the Port Royal Habitation in 1605 while Champlain founded Quebec in 1608. And, with the following generations, French culture took root in North America. Today, Atlantic Canada boasts a vibrant Acadian population. There are now over 16 million North Americans of French descent, and more than 8 million have French as their mother tongue.

In 1958, The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada recommended that Saint Croix Island be recognized for its national historic significance to Canada, and in 1984, the United States Congress designated Saint Croix Island as International Historic Site in recognition of its historical significance to both countries.

Start planning your itinerary to view Saint Croix Island as well as the other fascinating sites which tell the the story of French exploration and setlement of North America.

Majestic Quebec City is located on one of the largest rivers in the world, the historic St. Lawrence River. With its outdoor pleasures, top-notch accommodations and plenty of entertainment to suit every taste, this wonderful historic city is contagious for every traveler. Millions of tourist visit Quebec City every year to enjoy the worlds largest Winter Carnival or the city's everpopular Summer Festival. If we add culinary delights people discover here, it is easy to understand why everyone is trying to come back.

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