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Innocent Man [Original Recording Remastered
Innocent Man (1983) spun off six hit singles. Between the social concerns of The Nylon Curtain and this record's bopping tempos and blaring horns, Joel was at a peak of craftsmanship--the ultimate proof perhaps being the Chipmunks' rendition of "The Longest Time," which did absolutely nothing to diminish the song's winning charm. Much of America's enduring affection for Joel stems from this disc, and rightly so. --Rickey Wright 
Kohuept[Original  Recording Remastered]
Kohuept is one of two Billy Joel albums that consist of live in concert recordings, the other one being "Songs in the Attic". This had some of his most classic songs such as "Only the Good Die Young" which sound even better on this album than when it was recorded in the studio. It has the personal concert touch so that when you turn it up it sounds the emotions of Goodnight Saigon are better felt. 
River of Dreams [Original Recording  Remastered
This is one of Billy Joel's most complete albums. An unique blend of softcore rock and pop
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Billy Joel has been making music for over 25 years, and he's been doing it right.
Not only have his unforgettable songs become musical landmarks through the past decades, but they've shaped our own histories as well. They were our prom themes and our wedding dances. 
Each album - and every one of his hits - reminds us of another place and time: memories both joyous and bittersweet, but always deeply personal and irreplacable.
Growing up equal parts street tough and classicaly trained musician, Joel turned his wealth of life-experience into a catalogue of songs so diverse it's dizzying.
Piano Man
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This disc is the album that launched Billy Joel as the megastar singer -songwriter of the '70s, and with good reason. Both the title track and "Captain Jack" have become karaoke bar standards, staples of FM radio rock, and cocktail lounges. Some of the lesser-known material in this program, including the truly touching "You're My Home," have aged no less well. The minimal production used here puts Joel's piano and vocals at the forefront, and to good effect. This disc prefigures Joel's fame and remains one of the highest points of his art, and is an essential for any collection of soft rock. --Skip Heller 
Billy Joel shows how fine a song composer he is by successfully fusing together the best of jazz and Broadway.
The re-mastered version shows how his genius was evident at a very young age. The album also includes the entire lyrics, plus a rarely scomplete live performence of "Everybody Loves You Now." 
Another vintage Billy Joel album.
Glass Houses
Billy Joel's hardest rocking album.
Movin' Out (Based on the Songs and Music of Billy Joel) (2002 Original Broadway Cast) Billy Joel 
The songs of 5-time Grammy Award winner Billy Joel and the direction and choreography of 2-time Emmy Award winner Twyla Tharp come together in MOVIN' OUT and it all adds up to unforgettable Broadway musical.
The Essential Billy Joel
The 2001 recordings of "Waltz No. 1" and "Invention in C Minor" that round out this set are the unlikely products of Joel's commitment to classical music. Billy Joel remains both a true, if oft-lambasted, American pop icon and that rarest of animals: a bonafide crowd-pleaser with a serious case of 'tude. Both are well chronicled here. --Jerry McCulley 
2000 Years: The Millennium Concert [LIVE] Billy Joel 
Joel's Millenium concert at Madison Square Garden.
Streetlife Serenade
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This is a must get for any Billy Joel fan. A Showcase of Billy Joel's talent on this CD!
The ballads Goodnight Saigon, Laura, Surprises, and Where's the Orchestra are very haunting and meloncoly in nature. Allentown and Pressure do not paint a pretty picture of society, but are very meaningful and insightful.
Songs in the Attic [Original Recording Remastered] [LIVE]
Billy's live music sounds better than his recorded music, which tells you how talented this musician really is.
A great collection of songs dear to the artist that were not often played live over the years.
The Complete Hits Collection... [BOX SET]
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The three volumes of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits albums make up the bulk of this catch-up set; a fourth disc features some live versions and discussion of the artist's composing methods.
Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vols. 1 and 2 gives a very good synopsis of the first 15 years of his career and shows his many sides (the balladeer in "Just the Way You Are", the rude New Yorker in "Big Shot" and the storyteller in "Piano Man"). Billy Joel was and is not a one-note musician who sticks to a particular style.
Greatest Hits Vol. 3
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This album may not be entirely   filled of "Greatest Hits", it is still an exceptional album. 
52nd Street [GOLD CD]
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"My Life" remains one of Joel's most memorable hit singles, "Half a Mile Away" is a  wonderful  slice  of infectiously upbeat pop, "Rosalinda's Eyes" sways to an alluringly airy Latin feel. 
Turnstiles [Enhanced Version]
His ballads here mark some of his finest work, from  the Ray Charles -influenced "New York State of Mind" to the introspective "Summer, Highland Falls" to the celebratory "I've Loved These Days." Lyrically, "Miami 2017" owes as much to folk as it does to rock. These eight songs seem as if they're therapeutic for Joel: they display a new comfort and satisfaction as he digs deeper within himself to find lyrical themes. 
--Marc Greilsamer
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