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Healthy Mouth Routine

While bad breath or halitosis may sometimes be caused by poor oral hygiene, there may also be other underlying causes which contribute to bad breath and are often difficult to treat, despite all efforts to follow a healthy mouth and teeth cleaning routine.

HaliTonic - This is not just another product to freshen breath! It is a unique combination of biochemic tissue salts and selected medicinal herbs which are effective in cleansing the system of all bacterial or putrefactive conditions. Acting as a system cleanser and detoxifier and promoter of healthy liver functioning, regular use of HaliTonic can help to prevent bad breath by treating the underlying causes and will also assist with other body odor problems such as foul smelling feet, stools, gassy bowels, underarm odor, etc.

HaliTonic Tissue Salts - Halitosis and Bad Breath, 150 Tablets
Prevent and treat bad breath and other body odors naturally and without side effects. Just slowly dissolve 2 tablets under your tongue in a clean mouth 2-4 times daily.
Note: HaliTonic tablets are safe for all ages and during breastfeeding; however safety during pregnancy has not yet been established.

Native Remedies Triple Complex HaliTonic Internal Tonic for Mouth Freshness (125 Tablets)
Being 100% natural with no artificial preservatives Triple Complex HaliTonic is non addictive has no side effects and has become the formula of choice by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for treating bad breath naturally and permanently

Other Products by Native Remedies -
Native Remedies products are specially formulated by an expert team of homeopaths and naturopaths using wild crafted organically grown herbs and following a Full Spectrum Approach to guarantee products of the highest quality potency and effectiveness.

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