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ProFresh Breath Care System

With ProFresh, you have nothing to lose but your bad breath.

ProFresh has helped thousands of people get rid of their bad breath problems with a simple daily regimen.

The ProFresh Breath Care System was developed by Dr. Jon L. Richter, directly from his successful clinical treatment program.

Unlike many popular mouth rinses, ProFresh Oral Rinse does not contain any alcohol and it has been clinically proven to be 99.9% effective in curing bad breath. It's not a cover-up.

Once odor is controlled with ProFresh you follow a simple two minute maintenance program, twice a day, to maintain fresh breath 24 hours a day.

The ProFresh daily regimen also reduces the amount of "free floating" bacteria in the mouth and consequently the amount of dental plaque, a cause of dental decay and periodontal disease.

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