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1000 Islands Cruises Canada

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The 1000 islands region is a 50-mile stretch of international waters that offers boating for every taste. It includes the greatest fishing in the world, the best diving outside of the Caribbean, the most interesting boat cruising anywhere, and island after island of magnificient beauty and fascinating history. Known by the many as the Caribbean of the North for the clarity of the water and many interesting ship wrecks.

The 1000 Islands townships are blessed with a great natural beauty in their setting along the magnificient shores of St. Lawrence River, Rideau Canal and nearby lakes. They will offer you the perfect balance of heritage, services and contemporary lifestyles. You will also find many unique shops and wonderful entertainment with opportunity to explore the Thousand Islands experience. A wealth of activity awaits those who vacation in the 1000 islands. The only challenge is deciding how to fill your days.

The St. Lawrence River have long been a destination for serious anglers and it is home to 88 species of fish including such well known game species as muskellunge, northern pike, both large and smallmouth bass and pickerel. Guides, boat and motor rentals, and live bait is available throughout the area.

St. Lawrence Islands National Park is Canada's smallest national park, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004. Composed of 21 islands and mainland base at Mallorytown Landing, the park reflects the natural beauty of 1000 Islands.

This region is recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation as a biosphere reserve and is visited by hundreds of thousands every year.

There is a bicycle path that parallels the 1000 Islands Parkway for more than 22 miles (37 kms). It also hugs the shoreline of the St. Lawrence River and offers picnic and rest areas at strategic locations. The hills are gentle, the pathway is paved and the scenary is spectacular. If you want to try something different, hire a water taxi to take you and your bike to Grenadier Island, part of St Lawrence Islands National Park and cicle much of the length of this island for real naturalist's delight. The road is well defined, but it is not paved.

There are also several golf courses within the area. Gor information contact Visitor Information Office.

Charleston Lake Provincial Park offers everything from a wilderness experience to organized recreational activities for the family.

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve - is a narrow corridor of granite linking the Canadian Shield to the north to New York's State's Adirondack Mountains to the south. The 1000 Islands form part of the arch and serves as a land bridge across the St.Lawrence River for migration of plant and animal species. There are some 400 biosphere reserves around the world; 12 are Canadian. Biosphere reserves are special areas where the conservation of biodeversity is reconciled with sustainable use, The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve is Ontario's third.

Gananouque, visitor's delight within the picturesque 1000 islands. Surrounded by beautiful lakes, vast provincial and national parks, the unique Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve and award winning gardens. Explore the lakes and rivers by kayak, canoe or boat or spend time hiking or cycling along trails and shoreline hugging the 1000 Islands Parkway. Enjoy cruises, summer theatre, art shows, craft fairs, golfing, swiming, fishing, curling, and more. If you are historically-minded, there is pleanty of history to be discovered.

For natural beauty, with easy accessibility, there is no other place like the 1000 islands. Rent a house boat and sail along to enjoy unique scenery and your freedom.

Canadian classic ships offer the widest variety of 1000 islands cruises of magnificient waterfront and islands. You could view palatial homes of the rich and famous of a bygone era... cruise the St.Lawrence Seaway past ocean going vessels. See where the famous river pirate "Bill Johnston" hid from the British during the war of 1812. 

Make sure to take a cruise to Boldt Castle on Heart Island located in Alexandria Bay, an eternal monument to the memory of a man's love for his wife. George C. Boldt was a millionare proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. In 1904 construction was well underway on the 120 room full size Rhineland Castle when tragedy struck. A telegram announcing the death of George C. Boldt's wife Louise arrived... Three hundred artisans and craftsmen from arround the world dropped their tools and left the island, never to return. A broken hearted Boldt could not imagine his dream castle without his beloved. Boldt never returned to the island, leaving behind the structure as a monument to his love. Today, an ongoing major restoration is underway to stabilize/restore this magnificent piece of island history. 
NOTE: Identification required to visit Boldt Castle (for Canadian and U.S. Customs and Immigration)

The original inhabitants called the 1000 Islands Manitouana, the "Garden of the Great Spirit" and truly it is fit for the gods. Actually there are over 1800 registered islands. They are home to seasonal cabins as well as sprawling multi-million dollar family homes. 

Wolfe Island is the largest of the world renowned Thousand Islands. It is located where Lake Ontario ends and the St. Lawrence River begins. Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets and spectacular night-time skies are part of its charm. Marysville, the islands village has a Post Office, 2 general stores & LCBO, a bakery, 3 restaurants, a hair salon, a library, 2 art studios and a gallery, a Town Hall and a Tourist Information Centre. Accommodation is available as well as a marina. The island is an ideal location for those interested in fishing, golfing, scuba diving, cycling and bird watching. The prevailing winds offer superb summer sailing and winter kite boarding opportunities.

The Island Offers:
-Year-round ferry service to Kingston, Ontario
- A seasonal ferry port of entry from Cape Vincent, New York
Yearly events: Wolfe Island Classic 5K-10K Run, Horse Shows, Family Baseball Tournament, Church Suppers, Music Festival, Crime Writers' Festival, Kite Flying Festival, Chili Fest, Art in the Garden Tour, Santa Claus Parade, Christmas Art & Craft Show and more.

Don't forget to visit quaint village of Rockport... the true heart of the 1000 islands.

Skydeck - Take a high speed elevator and enjoy a spectacular, breathtaking view of the 1000 islands and St. Lawrence River from the 3 Observation Decks, 400' above the St. Lawrence River. High powered binoculars available on the decks.

Festival of the Islands is one of the largest summer events in Eastern Ontario and is recognised as one of the top 50 festivals in Ontario. The festival comes to a booming blazing finale over the St. Lawrence River with a world-class fireworks extravaganza.
Kingston is conveniently located half-way between Montreal to the east, Toronto to the west, Ottawa to the north and Syracuse, New York to the south. The city is accessible by air, rail or highway from Canada's largest urban centres, making it a convenient destination.
Kingston, once the first Capital of Canada, has evolved into a vibrant city and the largest port within the world famous Thousand Islands region. Culture and the arts aboung, along with fabulous shopping, dining and limitless recreational experiences.

Known as the "Limestone City", Kingston has been shaped by powerful sense of geography. The city was built at a watery cross roads, where the southernmost end of Rideau Canal meets Lake Ontario at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and the western gateway to the Thousand Islands. Well preserved, Kingston's heritage is present in every stone, brick and timber of its electic architecture... within the trees of its many parks and green spaces... upon the breezes as they rise over the sun-kissed waterfront... and in the hearts of its residents who delight in an idylic lifestyle. Kingston has evolved to exude a special energy.

Kingston boasts one of the most vibrant and historic downtowns in Canada. Kingston's dining experience can compete with the largest cultural centres. Original descendants from the United Kingdom and France have maintained their culinary heritage combined with vibrant Asian, Greek, Italian and Portuguese communities and their delightful impact.

Kingston's magnificiently preserved heritage architecture is, to this day, an electic reflection of the two cultures that once called it home. The land where Kingston is situated was first discovered by French explorer Robert Cavalier Sieur de la Salle in the late 1600s. The settlement was formalized with the erection of Fort Frontenac. In 1758, the British captured the Fort and kingston was subject to a new ruler and culture. Shipbuilding for commerce and the military was big business in the 19th century, fueling Kingston's expansion and prominence as a Canadian community. The War of 1812 between the British and the Americans led to the fortification of Kingston with Fort Henry and the five Martello Towers. The first Canadian Parliament opened in Kingston in 1841. Because of its geographic proximity to the U.S. and renewed disputes between the British and the Americans, the National Seat of Government was moved in 1844 to Montreal and later, to Ottawa in 1867.

Troubles with the Americans led to the construction of the Rideau Canal system in 1826 to create a reliable supply route from Kingston to Bytown (now Ottawa) should the Americans blockade the St. Lawrence River. Considered to be the engineering feat of the 19th century, the Canal was never used for military purposes. It is enjoyed today by thousands of recreational boaters.

Kingston is home to fabulous live theatre, concerts, festivals and events. Kingston is also the port of call for fabulous Thousand Islands cruising. Step aboard a riverboat for a scenic tour or enjoy dining and entertainment aboard glass top ship. You can also sail for several days aboard a beautiful steamboat replica from Kingston all the way to Montreal or Quebes City. Kingston's shores offer a myriad of water-sports, or if you are land-lover, just enjoy the colorful vistas from any of Kingston's waterfront parks. You could also take a tour of Kingston's sights aboard the Confederation Tour Trolley. 

Visit Bellevue House a rare and fine example of Italianate villa architecture in Canada and a former home to Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister. 

Discover Canada's nautical heritage at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, including the 3,000 ton ice breaker Alexander Henry.

Visit Fort Henry, a fully restored 19th century citadel, the timekeeper of Canada's 1860s military and civilian history. Fort Henry heats up Wednesday evenings throughout July and August with historic performances unique in all the world Sunset Ceremonies performed entirely by college and university students.

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