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When you plan to travel abroad nowadays, you might be totally surprised how abundant cheap travel deals are being offered both online and offline.

Other Travel Info

Whether you travel all-the time or just once a year, there are tools, tips and great number of ways you can enhance your experience and make it much more comfortable in the process. You could travel arround the world efficiently and safely by using our travel tips. Find out more>

Emergency Info - A guide to the most useful emergency information.

Travel Tools - Travel tools available to anyone with access to a computer and the Net.

Cheap Travel Insurance: How To Save Big Time On Coverage... Starting Now! - When you plan to travel abroad nowadays, you might be totally surprised how abundant cheap travel deals are being offered both online and offline.

Tips For Summer Driving  - Summer weather conditions can be the same rigors for your car as in winter, especially if your vehicle is not prepared properly.

Insider Travel Tip: Dealing With Travel Agency - Many people are looking at price when searching for a discount travel agency, however, there are some other things you need to watch out for that can save you time, money and headaches when using a travel agency to plan your trip.

Employment Info - Links to useful employment information.

Travel Health Info - The intimacy of life aboard a cruise ship may foster romance, but it can also aid the spread of bacteria like Shigella and Giardia, which cause intestinal upsets, and Ligonella, which sometimes causes pneumonia (and which killed a cruise passenger in 1994).

Travel Health Tips - DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, is a blood clot that can develop when sitting for an extended period of time. The condition is serious, potentially fatal and very difficult to diagnose by external examination.
Going Dutch: Meet the Locals by Rick Steves - When you travel in the Netherlands, go Dutch: Get to know the locals.

Country Travel Reports - Consult the Country Travel Reports before your departure to find out about security and safety conditions, health questions and entry requirements for the country or countries you are going to. The Department publishes reports for over 200 destinations around the world.

GUIDES - Travel guides date quickly: hotel prices rise, visa rules are revised, new attractions open, restaurants close. To help cost-conscious travelers stay abreast of such changes, Lonely Planet, publisher of a well-known series of backpacker travel guides, is issuing updates to some of its most popular titles on the Web. The addendums summarize important changes that have taken place since the most recent guide to a given country appeared. Would-be adventurers to check that on their web site: lonelyplanet.com, and print out the update you need and stick it in the back of your personal guidebook.

Pets Welcome - For those who can't bear to leave their animal companions behind when they travel this site lists info and links on pets friendly hotels, motels, inns and bed-and-breakfasts through the U.S. and Canada. Pet positive beaches, camping grounds and even ski resorts that allow animal friends to ride the lifts are included. Check out their travel info section to learn how to take your pet anywhere.

Swimmers Guide Online - This guide which lists more than 15,000 public swimming pools in more than 150 countries. The guide includes a description of each pool and its facilities; opening hours and admission fees; and information about local swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming teams. Some pools are reviewed by the web site's editors or readers.

Glimpses of the Road - True traveler's tales told around the campfire. A collection of brief travel anecdotes, observations, tirades, and stories, mostly gleaned from...

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