Had she only been an actress or filmmaker, Barbra Streisand still would have been one of the most successful entertainers of the past four decades. But it is her singing, her voice, that is most unique and influential. She has recorded everything from classical to show tunes and torch songs to rock and disco, and is the top-selling female recording artist in the world. 
The Essential Barbra Streisand [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] [LIMITED EDITION] Barbra Streisand
This 40-cut compendium traces her recording career from early tracks that frequently relay her subtlety to often impressive accommodations with soft rock and still later vibrato -fests that find her taxing the limits of performer's ego and listeners' ears.
Memories - Barbra Streisand
Excellent album released in 1981. 
Simply Streisand 
- Barbra Streisand
If this doesn't make you a Streisand fan then nothing will.
What About Today? 
Barbra Streisand
The underrated gem of Streisand's catalogue.
The Second Barbra 
Streisand Album 
Clearly one of her best albums.
The Barbra Streisand Album
Barbra Streisand
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Streisand seemed an "overnight" superstar when she released this debut LP in 1963; two weeks after its release, Streisand was America's best-selling female singer. Within several months, Funny Girl would debut on Broadway... and the rest, as they say, is history.
Barbra Streisand
Legendary Barbra
Barbra Movies

A Love Like Ours 
Barbra Streisand
The love album that will last forever!
Higher Ground -
Barbra Streisand
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She's been eclipsed by generation of newfangled power divas, but Babs still has it--superior repertoire in the Tin Pan Alley tradition, deep-pile production from the likes of Foster, Mardin and Afanasieff, and those zillion dollar pipes. J.Bateman
The Broadway Album 
- Barbra Streisand
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This 1985 recording marked Barbra Streisand's return to her Broadway roots (significantly, she had dropped her pop-period Guilty perm and returned to straight hair). The CD contains a broad selection of show tunes, from Guys and Dolls's "Adelaide's Lament" to Sweeney Todd's "Not While I'm Around."
Guilty - Barbra Streisand
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Guilty may well be  Streisand's best pop album. At the peak of her late '70s popularity, she hooked up with the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb, who himself was basking in his Saturday Night Fever glow. Gibb wrote and produced most of the material on 1980's Guilty, and he supplied background vocals as well as co-leads on two tracks. The results are still completely bewitching. "Promises," for instance, is a lounge-like dance number and Babs sounds simply fabulous --sexy, lighthearted, passionate, playful--all at once. "Life Story" is a wild epic, and "Make It Like a Memory" keeps soaring up & up into a stratosphere of shag-carpeted luxury. Even Gibb's wavering vocals are great --and not a little like a disco version of Mandy Patinkin. And of course,  the hits are out of this world:"Woman in Love" and "What Kind of Fool" are titanium -plated classics the likes of which Streisand has not topped since. A guilty pleasure, sure--just indulge. --Elisabeth Vincentelli 
Barbra Joan Streisand
Bridge Over Contemporary Waters
Stoney End
Barbra Streisand
A fresh beginning for Streisand's career as a contemporary pop artist
Barbra-The Concert 
- Barbra Streisand
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Barbra's spectacular concert at Madison Square Garden in 1994. 
Barbra: The Concert Highlights [LIVE] Barbra Streisand
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One Voice [LIVE] 
Barbra Streisand
Barbra put on this concert at her Malibu home to make money for charities.
A Happening in Central Park [LIVE] Barbra Streisand
Recorded in 1967 when she was at her artistic zenith and still a funny girl
Live Concert at the Forum [LIVE] Barbra Streisand
Barbra Live, what more could you want!
A Collection: Greatest Hits... And More 
Barbra Streisand
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The years 1975-1988 contained big successes for Streisand, though she ran through an unsteady gauntlet of disco-fied pop &  pseudo-Broadway show stoppers. This collection, originally released in 1989, brings together the hits of those years--like the two Barry Gibb duets, "What Kind of Fool" and "Guilty"--in a range of production scenarios utilizing the talents of Rupert Holmes, Andrew L. Webber, Phil Ramone, Dave Gruisin, and others. The two new recordings added to begin and end the package, "We're Not Makin' Love Anymore" and "Somewhere," serve as bookends of the dance and ballad style Streisand revolved around throughout her later career. --Stephen M.H. Braitman
Back to Broadway [SOUNDTRACK] 
Barbra Streisand

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Barbra Streisand's status as one of the most successful singers of her generation is all the more remarkable not only because her popularity has been achieved in the face of a dominant musical trend -- rock & roll -- which she did not follow, but also because, despite an amazing singing voice that has enthralled practically anyone who has heard it, she has always used singing as a mere stepping stone to other careers, as a stage and film actress and as a film director.

Streisand struggled briefly as an actress and nightclub singer in New York in the early '60s before landing her first part in a Broadway show, I Can Get It for You Wholesale, in 1962. The cast album for that show and a subsequent appearance on a studio revival of Pins and Needles were her first recordings. Signed to Columbia Records, she released her first album, The Barbra Streisand Album, in 1963. It became a Top Ten, gold-selling record, turning Streisand into one of the best-selling recording artists of the early '60s.

But despite three successful albums by early 1964, Streisand turned her back on potentially lucrative concert bookings in favor of a starring role in the Broadway show Funny Girl, in which she appeared for more than two years. "People" from that show became her first Top Ten single, and the People album her first chart-topping LP. She turned to television in 1965 with My Name Is Barbra, the first of five network specials. In 1967, Streisand went to Hollywood to film Funny Girl, for which she would win an Academy Award. But by 1970, with her second and third films flops and her recording career flagging in the face of rock, she seemed consigned to Las Vegas before turning 30. Instead, she returned to hit-making with a Top Ten cover of Laura Nyro's "Stoney End" and a successful non-singing performance in the comedy The Owl and the Pussycat.

In the 1970s, Streisand successfully married her musical and film acting interests, first in The Way We Were, a hit film with a theme song that became her first number one single, and then with A Star Is Born, which featured her second number one single, "Evergreen," a song she co-wrote. From that point on, every album she released sold at least a million copies. In the late '70s, she found recording success in collaboration: her duet with Neil Diamond, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," hit number one, as did "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)," a dance record sung with Donna Summer. She had her biggest-selling album in 1980 with Guilty, which was written and produced by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and contained the number one hit "Woman in Love." In 1983, Streisand's first directorial effort, Yentl, became a successful film with a Top Ten soundtrack album. In 1985, The Broadway Album returned her to the top of the charts. 1991 saw the release of Just for the Record..., a boxed set retrospective, and her second film as a director, The Prince of Tides. Streisand returned to the concert stage in 1994, resulting in the Top Ten, million-selling album The Concert. In 1996, she directed her third film, The Mirror Has Two Faces, and in 1999 she released A Love Like Ours.

The 2000 album Timeless: Live in Concert was recorded at her Las Vegas show on New Year's Eve 1999 and released on both CD and DVD. A year later, the new holiday album Christmas Memories arrived, then a sequel to The Broadway Album, The Movie Album, appeared in 2003. In 2005, a deluxe CD/DVD reissue of the original Guilty was followed a month later by Guilty Pleasures, a new album that reunited Streisand with Gibb. In 2006 she returned to the concert stage, documented in the 2007 Sony release Live in Concert. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

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