Bette Midler
From  her  early  days  in  the bathhouses to her rise as the star of her own concert film, Bette Midler has always brought a campy playfulness to her performances. 
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Divine Madness! (1980)
Divine Madness makes an absolute spectacle of itself. Bette Midler's raunchy, entertaining persona is on high in this concert film filmed in Pasadena. Midler tells dirty jokes, berates herself and the audience, and most of all belts out (some may say shrieks out) covers of Bruce Springsteen and rock and swing classics. 
Mud Will Be Flung Tonight [EXPLICIT LYRICS] Bette Midler
Midler's stand up comedy album
Experience the Divine G.H. [IMPORT] Bette Midler
Includes Four Tracks Not on the Domestic: to Deserve You (Single Mix), Beast of Burden, Youre My Favorite Waste of Time and to Deserve You (Album Mix)..as Well as Different Artwork. 
Live at Last [LIVE] 
Bette Midler
Midler at her best on her first live album. Her voice shows that she is great live performer and this album demonstrates how much of a talent she really is.
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