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Drug Side Effects
We all  know  that  certain  cold medications,  antihistamines  and even cough syrups can make you drowsy. Bat you may not have known that the list of potential energy sappers features many other familiar drugs that can cause drowsiness in some people. These include some diuretics and certain blood-presure medications. If you often feel tired or run-down, ask your doctor or your pharmacist whether the medication you are taking might be the cause and what alternatives may be available.
Is It a Cold or the Flu?
Both  conditions  are  caused  by viruses, often  have  some  of the same  symptoms  and  generally linger for the same miserable seven days. But there are some key differences.

Colds are infections of the upper respiratory tract from the nasal passage to the throat. Their symptoms include congestion, stuffy head, sneezing, coughing and a sore throat.

Flu (or influenza) is a viral infection that affects the whole body. On top of cold symptoms, flu is characterized by muscle aches, fever (between 102 to 104 degrees F in adults), exhaustion and occasionally, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Flu is far more serious than the common cold because of its potential to develop into pneumonia. Flu can be deadly for small children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

Nutritional Supplements
Take nutritional supplements in liquid form instead in pill or capsule form.The  stomach  absorbs liquid supplements readily, they are much easier to swallow, especially elderly and  children. The fact  is,  your stomach has to work hard to break down tablets before it can absorb them. Because they are so difficult to digest, they may even be eliminated before being digested. Capsules are easier for the stomach to handle, but they  still  have  to  dissolve  before being absorbed. 
Easing the Pain
For easing the pain of an injection press your thumb where the shot will be given until you feel resistance and hold it for ten seconds. 
The patients who got the pressure treatment before a shot felt less pain than others who didn't. 
Blood Pressure
If you often feel exhausted for no reason or become woozy after standing for long periods, feel dizzy while taking a nice hot shower, experience  the  nausea  or lightheadedness, have a physician evaluate your blood pressure.
Whenever possible schedule a discomforting event or appointment in the morning so you don't spend the whole day worrying about it. Fear can make you hold your breath, depriving you of oxygen and this can lead to stress and fatigue. 
Next time you're in situation like that, close your eyes and  concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly.
Sore Gums
If your gums are sore and your toothbrush feels too harsh, use cotton swabs to apply toothpaste. They're gentle and effective.
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