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Manitoba, with its incredible adventure travel and eco-tourism opportunities is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. From fishing to scenic and historic canoeing, boating, swimming or skiing, Manitoba offers some of the best opportunities in the wolrd to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

Explore great lakes and rivers, the world famous beaches, forests, rolling prairies, subarctic tundra, national and provincial parks, Manitoba portion of Trans Canada Trail and much more.

Manitoba offers fun and excitement to all travelers, not just outdoor enthusiasts. Discover the roots of this wonderful province and unique culture at their many historic venues and superb museums and galleries.

Enjoy great food from diverse nations, see world-class theatres and great shows, dance and enjoy music, visit famous festivals, see great sporting events and shop for unique treasures. Whatever you choose to do in Manitoba, we know you will enjoy the experience and return for more.

Skies in Manitoba and clean air are perfect for admiring aurora borealis. And let me tell you, once visitors experience auroral view and Manitoba's nearly ninety nights a year of this memorable luminescence, they appreciate aurora borealis phenomenon and beauty of this unique province even more.

Things to do:
  • Experience Manitoba - From clear water lapping in giant lakes to the rugged unspoiled landscape of the northern wilderness and haunting beauty of aurora borealis (northern lights) you will enjoy every moment.
  • Take journey through Manitoba's unique tourism regions. 
  • Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre - Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Manitoba houses the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. If you like dinosaurs or sea monsters you will love "Bruce" their 43 ft (13 mtr) Mosasaur, the fiercest of all the marine reptiles. He's bigger than a T Rex and just as scary. It's because of him that the Cretaceous seas were considered the most dangerous of all time.
  • Folklorama - Experience the energy of Folklorama, the largest and longest running multicultural event of its kind in the world! From traditional home-cooked meals to electrifying nightly performances by local, national and international entertainers, Folklorama will create a feast for the senses as you experience 45 cultural pavilions. Take home a keepsake of your visit by exploring the cultural display areas found in each pavilion.
  • Discover Winnipeg - Great guide to discovering Winnipeg. 
  • Destination Winnipeg - Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, with a group or on your own, Destination Winnipeg has all the information you need to discover the very best of this beautiful city.

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