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Anything you design, invent or create is commonly referred as intellectual property and can be protected from competitors. We hope you will discover various and useful business information to help you reach your goals.

Debit Card

Debit cards transfer funds from customer's bank account to the business's bank account. The customer gives the card and the business person enters the amount of sale and runs the cards magnetic stripe through the terminal. The customer verifies amount of sale by his/her PIN (Personal Identification Number), same as is used at an banking machine. The amount come out of the customer's account immediately and are credited to the business's account usually at the end of the business day. The business and the customer receive a record of the transaction.

Debit cards are great form of payment and every business should welcome their arrival, because they have so many advantages. 

- Reduces business's cost for handling cash.
- All transactions are automatically recorded for both the customer and the business.
- Reduces risks of robbery, shortages, counterfeit.
- Business have same-day credit.
- Customers are not limited by amount of cash they are carrying, and that can boost sales.
- There's no risk (like with bad cheque or credit card), because funds are guaranteed.

- Rental fees for equipment (terminal and your electronic equipment)
- Transaction fee, depending on the equipment you use.


Some debit card terminals handle both debit card and credit card transactions. Ask your banker about that.


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