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Glycerizing  method cannot be used successfully with in drying flowers, but it is the best method for most foliages.

Glycerizing Method

Glycerizing  method cannot be used successfully with in drying flowers, but it is the best method for most foliages. Glycerinizing technique will darken the natural color of most plants but will keep the  leaves and stems soft, pliable and long lasting so they may be used over and over. They will retain the fragrance and remain beautiful for many years. 

Mature leaves work best, but younger leaves can be preserved, too. This method is ideal for magnolia, eucalyptus, boxwood, camellia, rhododendron, beech etc.

Plants treated this way cannot be consumed, they can be used for decorative purposes only. It takes two to three weeks for this drying process to be completed. This is not a cheap method.

NOTE: Technical glycerin can be obtained from your local pharmacist.


Glycerizing Method: Step-By-Step Instructions

Select only perfect specimens and wash them in water to remove all dust and dirt. Branches of mature leaves should be no longer than 18 to 20 inches, including the part of the stripped stem that is in the jar with glycerin/water mixture.
Cut off the lower inch of stem in order to remove the air bubble which prevents the easy flow of liquid.
Crush the lower 2 inches of the branch ends with a hammer and place the stems upright in a container or a jar containing 1:2 glycerin/water mixture (1 part glycerine and 2 parts hot water). Some heavy leaves require a half-and-half mix. Keep the solution depth at about 3 to 4 inches.
Allow the stems to take up and translocate a glycerin/water mixture.
Tip: To increase the uptake rate of the glycerin solution you can place the plant material in a salt solution (1 tablespoon table salt/ gallon water) for 24 hours before placing them in the glycerin solution. The plants should have the bottom of their stems freshly cut.
Leaves that are thick and waxy, younger leaves and some low-growing plants that absorb moisture through their leaves, can be immersed in 1:1 glycerine/water solution.
Important: Remember that the cut branches will take up the glycerin/water mixture and you will probably need to add more of the glycerin solution to the jar for the first few days, when absorption is most rapid, to keep 3 inches of stem covered.
The plants should remain in the solution until full absorption has taken place. The leaves will change color with absorbtion and you’ll know the process is complete when the color is the same all the way to the edge of the leaf. Don't leave plants to long in the mixture because the leaves get droopy. To remove excess moisture they should be wiped thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth and then hung upside down for few days. Before being stored the material should be wiped off one more time.
For best results, use glycerizing method during the summer months as the foliage will absorb the solution quickly. Make sure you have a good air circulation when using glycerizing method because bad air circulation could cause mold.
Glycerin process changes the colors of some plants more than others, depending on the maturity, variety and the length of time plants are left in the solution. You can add food coloring to the solution to change the color. The color resulting depends on how much color you use and how long you leave the herb in the mixture.

Other Methods To Preserve Plants & Related Info:


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