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This user friendly internet guide contains great craft projects and related information.

Christmas Arch

Christmas Arch


  • Hunter green wired paper ribbon
  • Grapevine arch 36" long
  • 2 branches noble fir tips
  • 1 silk magnolia blossom with leaves
  • 2 gold Christmas picks with pods,
  • 2 gold Christmas berries each 18" long
  • 2 gold Christmas silk leaves 18" long
  • 3 small pine cones
  • 2 medium pine cones
  • 6 springs caspia
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Gold spray paint
  • Old newspaper


1. Cut a 60" piece of paper ribbon and crumble slightly. Place on newspaper and spray lightly with gold paint. Let dry.
2. Place center of ribbon at center of arch. Wrap ribbon around arch, working from center towards ends of arch.
3. Cut fir into 2 smaller and 2 large pieces. Glue smaller pieces to arch, placing one piece about 6" from each end. Place remaining larger pieces along arch with ends at center of arch. Glue in place.
4. Spray pine cones with gold paint and let dry. Wrap floral wire around bases of cones and attach 2 larger cones near end of one Christmas pick. Attach 3 smaller cones along length of other Christmas pick.
6. Lay Christmas picks, gold berries and leaves along arch, on top of pine greenery, with ends of picks at center of arch. Glue in place.
6. Make an easy bow with 6" loops and 10" tails, following the instructions. Crumple bow slightly.
7. Place bow on newspaper and spray lightly with gold paint. Let dry.
8. Attach bow at center of arch with wire, letting one loop and one tail curve down over front of arch and letting the other loop and tail curve up from the back of the arch.
9. Remove leaves from silk magnolia blosom. Reserve leaves. Spray blossom lightly with golden paint. Let dry. Glue magnolia blossom to center of arch, atop bow.
10. Tuck magnolia leaves and springs of caspia around picks, greenery and paper ribbon. Glue in place.

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